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  1. Kegemusha

    Bit Perfect Yes or No

    In my PC, In foobar, you can have bit perfect, but, I could be wrong, I think I can still do some EQ in foobar.
  2. Kegemusha

    Teufel Streamer

    Hi, anyone familiar with this streamer? I know they have multi room speakers also.
  3. Kegemusha

    Why is everyone using USB/XMOS. Why not PCIE SPDIF Out?

    I use USB for laptop/mobile Toslink: TV/cd player (I just have stereo system, no AVR) coax: streamer
  4. Kegemusha

    Do you have Spotify lossless in your country?

    Lol, sounds crap to me, I hate itunes (I only have windows PC), worst SW ever. That is the strength of Spotify, the app, it is very god.
  5. Kegemusha

    Will you stop using Spotify now? Vote

    If apple, qobuz, amazon and others can have CD quality, why not spotify? Sometimes 320kbs is fine, when walking/travelling to work and using bluetooth headphones or multiroom, this is ok for me. Sometimes I would like to stream CD quality to my main system, and spotify do not have that now. I...
  6. Kegemusha

    Reviewer's Music

  7. Kegemusha

    Artists You Have Discovered Lately

    I heard Blake Mills before, but the CD with Palladino is great::
  8. Kegemusha

    Do you have Spotify lossless in your country?

    No and no info on when, I think announcing that we will see spotifyFI at end of 2021 and then instead, total silent, is not serious for such a big company. But the bosses att that company earns a ton of money, so I guess they dont bother about this. I think the aggressive price from apple make...
  9. Kegemusha

    Out for a few more days

    Like the Templars would say, after darkness you will find the light. I had my issues with builders as well, the roof, the whole roof. But at the end and after miserable weeks all was fixed, but the stress is terrible. I hope you will manage to fix this soon.
  10. Kegemusha


    So if understand right, you usually used your iphone to airpods, so this means BTtoot only?, I dont think you need a DAP, buy an apple USB dongle and use you phone and I hope the music source are at least CD quality. I listen FLACS from my S21 trough an apple dongle and sunds really good, even...
  11. Kegemusha

    The Matrix Resurrections what a horrible movie...

    Agree, movie was bad, to me at least, as latest marvels including Eternals. Maybe they should stop making superheroes movies now. I guess after seeing "The Boys" and "Preacher" (that I also read all comics), all is bad.
  12. Kegemusha

    Vista Audio Spark II Review (Amplifer)

    That guy Stereopolice knows at least about electronics.
  13. Kegemusha

    Argon Audio

    Any idea if the Solo will stram from en external UpnP drive? this drive do not have DLNA.
  14. Kegemusha

    Sonos vs Musicast

    I have used mucic cast and I have Sonos at home. I do like both, but you dont need 11 sonos ports, these are too expensive IMHO. You can find sonos connect as 2nd hand very cheap and will stream up to CD quality, that is the one I have and no issues. I like more the sonos app than the music...
  15. Kegemusha

    Argon Audio

    Argon Solo, a review, looks an interesting device.
  16. Kegemusha

    How to improve my PC/Headphone Audio experience?

    Schiit has some devices that could work for you , if you had not bought anything yet. The Fulla DAC/AMP for gaming, they have another more expensive, you can use your spdif from PC ,and for EQ you could use the: loki mini, Of course you could use som other hadphone amps like the fro the jds labs...
  17. Kegemusha

    Good German Hifi ?!

    ...and some great looking speakers and electronics from Avantgarde-Acoustic
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