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  1. nqa3

    EMI/RFI shielding for USB sound card

    Has anyone done that before? The sound card isn't contained in aluminium case like most DAC or amps and that might explain some people have noise issue. I found a few options: - aluminium case with customization for holes, like Amplifier DIY Box 100% Aluminium or Extruded Aluminum Enclosure...
  2. nqa3

    Bluetooth and rain resistant?

    Been trying to find a proper solution for outdoor headphone since those crazy smartphone makers removed 3.5mm and all the USB-C to 3.5mm adapters break easily in tight pocket. I've been forced to use a bluetooth adapter for a year, which produces surprisingly bad and muddy sound compared to...
  3. nqa3

    Is PC audio output dangerous?

    From I ordered a Hyperx Ncore NC122MP power amplifier (review in Fr) and it's specifically warned the source must be DC free. But the spec of my onboard audio chip says In standby mode the ALC892 turns on DC bias on all analog input and...
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