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    The wealth-building thread

    For the definitive list of books on personal financial topics, this list by Bob Brinker (MoneyTalk radio host) is excellent. Land of critical mass book list.
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    Great Record Labels

    ECM Records. 50 years of some of the most important and influential music and musicians. Jarrett, Metheny, Burton, Towner, Rypdal, Art Ensemble of Chicago, DeJohnette, Reich, Molvaer, Hassell, Frisell, Bley (Paul and Carla) and on and on.
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    15 Dollar Roon Endpoint

    My latest video. Thanks for watching and please susbscribe.
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    Focal Alpha 65 EVO Review (Studio Monitor)

    Another match with a recent Steve Guttenberg review. That makes three in a row for Amir and Steve. Further confirming my theory that Amir is now firmly in control of Mr. Guttenberg's Amygdala. :eek:
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    Bruno Strikes Again. Purifi 1ET7040SA VTV Amplifier.

    No. I had access to a preproduction unit. A 2022 product. Final pricing and delivery TBD.
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    Bruno Strikes Again. Purifi 1ET7040SA VTV Amplifier.

    1. Fair use (only 1 min 40 sec was used from a 21 min video). 2. VTV built the amplifier with the 7040 modules I auditioned. I do not know if VTV consulted on the 7040.
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    Bruno Strikes Again. Purifi 1ET7040SA VTV Amplifier.

    I don't know about a Purifi input board. Input boards for the ET400 module will not work with the ET7040 module. According to VTV, Purifi increased the pin count to 54 on the 7040.
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    Bruno Strikes Again. Purifi 1ET7040SA VTV Amplifier.

    I got an early exclusive chance to audition Purifi's latest amp module. Please subscribe and thanks for watching.
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    Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg reviews the Genelec G Three...

    Lightning does indeed strike twice. First it was the Mola Mola dac. Now, it's the Genelec. I believe that Amir has secretly taken up residence in Mr. Guttenberg's Amygdala, with or without his knowledege, and is now firmly in control. :eek:
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    Monolith by Monoprice Encore B6 Bookshelf Speaker

    Could be interesting for Amir to test. You can order just one for $179. Wave guide looks the business.
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    Audiophile jewelry - most beautiful Cd players, turntables and other gear

    Gold Note of Florence Italy, Leonardo da Vinci's hometown, has some attractive designs.
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    Art & Science in HiFi?

    I thought this was an interesting review of a speaker and company new to me. Guessing from the review description, these speakers probably lean more towards the pleasant sounding rather than adhearing to absolute accuracy. There are interesting issues discussed in the review and at least for me...
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    PS Audio Stellar Review (Phono Preamplifier)

    Tooting my own horn here but I can recommend my own YouTube channel DIY HiFI Life. I have gone pretty deep into vinyl playback topics with more to come. My four part VPI HW-19 rebuild series is very in depth.
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    DIY Streamer

    Check out my video: Touchscreen Streamer with HiFiBerry OS & DAC for $150. Will do Spotify and more.
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    Gold Note PH-1000 Best Phono Preamp?

    It may be a while before this crosses Amir's bench so you might enjoy this video. Thanks for watching.
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    Emotiva XMC-2 Review (AV Processor)

    Could somone explain how the "two channels being out of sync" manifests itself when actually listening. I understand we want things to be perfect but how does this actually affect the sound quality? Also, I wish Amir had tested the XLR Balanced two channel input while setting the input mode to...
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    Intel NUC with ROON ROCK

    My latest video investigates what is the Best Roon Music Server? Thanks for watching.
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    Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC and Streamer Review

    Good objective and subjective reviews converge. What is the world coming to? o_O
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    Does a dented dust cap matter?

    It may or may not. Many times, you can repair by using something sticky like tape to pull out the dent. Worth a try.
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    Why does Rega not use a ground wire?

    Rega is all about keeping things simple and minimalism. For the most part it works but I agree that not having a separate ground wire is a glaring ommision that can be a real pain in practice. Also, the lack of VTA adjustment is the other major divergence from the rest of the industry. You can...
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