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    Friends car stolen, $6,000 cash reward.

    I can only imagine having something like this happen is like losing a small part of oneself. This is the first car he ever owned, had it for 14 years and poured a ton of time into it to make it perfect. Please keep an eye out!
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    Headphone amp with cross-feed and user configurable DSP(EQ)?

    Does such a beast exist? For reasonable prices? I know reasonable is subjective but I don't see why something like this should cost $1k when you can get a headphone amp with way more than enough power for a few hundred. But maybe I'm being naïve. More than ample power is good, but I don't...
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    Worst and best bad movies you've every accidentally watched?

    Think guilt pleasure not actually good but you enjoy them, or were just all out bad. Worst: Iron Sky. I thought I was going to watch Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow, which I expected to be at best a bad movie maybe guilt pleasure. But what I got was so much worse. From what I remember...
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    Critique my 5.x.4 layout plan, suggestions?

    I'm open to any suggestions. Though overall layout and I imagine even bed speaker layer placement is probably pretty fixed given the base room situation; openings, windows, etc. I'm planning to do all in-walls for bed layer and in-ceilings for top layer. Especially I'm unsure about best layout...
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    Receiver (stereo) or pre-amp & amp recommendations $500-$1000?

    My dad is finally giving up on his not so trusty 40 year old integrated Technics SA-800A, so I'm looking for some recommendations. He primarily listens to CDs via their Blu-Ray player. They do some streaming and I'm guessing this will increase since they were just able to get broadband and no...
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    Best powered studio monitors in the ~$300 range with unbalanced ins? For garage duty.

    I'm looking for some decent speakers for the garage. My feeling is I would be happy with something in the $200-$400 range. Powered seems ideal to keep it simple and out of the way. I've got a ton of stuff in my garage well organized, but shelf and wall space is at a premium. I get a new tool...
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    General sound 'proofing' for flooring, in walls/ceilings/floors between habitable spaces?

    What products work well for general sound proofing/deadening inside of walls/ceilings/floor? Specifically for flooring or between floors? We ripped out the carpet in our 2nd floor bedroom and we are installing new subfloor for hardwood (engineered or other) floors in our 2nd floor bedroom...
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    Movies with great music in them?

    What are some of your favorite movies that has music as an integral part of the movie? So integral that is almost, or is a MacGuffin. I guess it doesn't have to get to MacGuffin level for it to be a great addition to the movie and well integrated. A movie that immediately comes to mind for me...
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    Whole home audio, background music for parties?

    What kind of system do you use? Centralized or decentralized e.g. receiver with zones or some kind of streaming device out at each location? Which ecosystems have you tried and liked e.g. Sonos, Amazon/Alexa, Google (assistant), Heos (Denon), Musicast (yamaha), etc? At each location, what does...
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    What do you use in the garage/workshop?

    I'm curious to see what level people are going to with their secondary, tertiary... setups. If you have anything to listen to music in your garage or workshop, what do you use? Some previous re purposed hifi level system, garage sale level stuff, Bluetooth speakers, homemade horn made from an...
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    Your wisdom on the next direction of my system!

    I'm debating a restart VS tweak and would love to hear anyone thoughts. I would appreciate any guidance or wisdom. As an aside, I am on an overseas assignment for about another 6 months, about an hour north of Tokyo. So, I feel I have a pretty unique opportunity to listen to many speakers...
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