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    Confused about DACs ranking compared to price tags (and diverse questions)
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    Share your in-room measurements?

    Thank you Dominik, i will certainly do. The measurements i shared are actually an average of 3 mic positions, but will try to do it properly next time i try (btw, the three measurements were very similar)
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    Sound, HiFi related products from Ikea

    Hold on, so the symfonisk has a two channel amp and according to the hack link on post 1 it is possible to input any crossover one needs? Is this true? I could not find it in ikea's website, how much power can the amp provide? edit: 30w per channel and seems that its capability to do a proper...
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    Can I connect four DACs to the same source and expect them to play in phase?

    Hi, i will take the chance to ask what you guys think of using a raspberry for xovers and then a multichannel interface (ie xonar u7) to do the dac task? Is the difference in quality worth the huge difference in price? (Provided you don't mind doing the research to put the raspberry/camilla to...
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    Share your in-room measurements?

    Thank you Bill for your detailed comments, this is exactly the sort of information i needed to get me started. Just started creating those peaks to try to bring down the peaks you pointed, seems very doable, lets see the results. Now i try to decipher the high/low shelves, there are too many...
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    Share your in-room measurements?

    Thanks flipflop, the question for me a this point is how, not what.
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    Share your in-room measurements?

    Hello all, yesterday I made my first ever measurements and attempted room correction. I am a bit puzzled about the results. My question is what can I do to fine tune the eq. So this was my first measurement without any correction. My speakers are Canton Vento 890dc (floostanders) : So I let REW...
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    1st REW Measurements for Camilla + Idiot = PLEASE HELP!! Obvs

    Guys, followed all the steps successfully (i reckon), thanks a lot for all this, if i knew it was so easy i wouldn't have had the umik collecting dust for two months... I only have two questions abouts settings i am not sure about: When in moode/camilla i upload the quick convolution filter that...
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    Best 4 channel TPA3251/3255 setup

    Hmmmm... found the "aiyima" 4 channel board in Amazon and other aliexpress sellers under brands different to aiyima, but definitely the same board, and the reviews are not very encouraging... (real power much less than stated and broken after a couple of days...) I wonder if this is a genuine...
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    Opinions on Hypex Plate (FusionAMP) Amplifiers?

    My boss' view: it is an unique chance to introduce new products to customers that are having trouble sourcing what they were using until now. I must say he has a point.
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    USB interface recommendation needed to digitize open reel tapes

    The advantage of the scarlett is (at least here in central EU) that there are always dozens in the second hand market, and if you don't mind getting gen 2, you can regularly find it for as low as 60 eur. The Motus are not so easy to get cheap, at least over here.
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    1st REW Measurements for Camilla + Idiot = PLEASE HELP!! Obvs

    That's awesome, and probably sufficient, and yes, looks too easy even for me that idiot :D Lets see how it goes!
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    Recommendation for Desktop dac amp with remote 2022

    Hi david, Here in the menu there is a "review index" where you can search the type of device you need and filter by price, features, recommendations of amir, etc. My only advice, as you mention that remote is important, is that if you go for a topping dac, be aware that at least in some models...
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    1st REW Measurements for Camilla + Idiot = PLEASE HELP!! Obvs

    @dOSs know it is a bit too much work but... could you post some sort of step by step newbie to newbie of what you did with rew/camilla/moode? I know an idiot that is about to do something similar and the poor guy has little chances of success as of today...
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    Best 4 channel TPA3251/3255 setup

    I am also looking at that 4 channel board, lets see if someone can answer your questions or give any feedback on it :)
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    Integrating Monolith 10 sub with active speakers?

    But how do you plan to apply a filter to your main speakers without the minidsp?
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    VTV Purifi shipped to Europe, any experience?

    Hi Amarsicola, as you might know the EU import VAT rules changed last July 1st. The new rules might be very beneficial for you if your order is less than 150eur but i suspect it is more than that, so you should count on paying vat at italian rate and import duties and probably a fee for the...
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    Which power supply should I pair with AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 amp?

    Hi all, if you feed the aiyima with a dac that provides 1.3 volt max, what would be the power supply that gives you enough power at 24V? and at 36V? (I am asking about the rated current at those voltages needed to reach the maximum power possible with the 1.3V input signal). Speakers are 4ohm.
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    Legacy/budget 6 channel power amp recommendation

    Hi, I am looking for a decent 6 channel power amp that i can find used in EU at a good price. I know the obvious answer is an AVR, but i prefer something with a cleaner fascia and smaller (if possible). I know the "small" part won't be easy, but there might be something out there.... What i...
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    Phono preamp or stereo amplifier?

    Hi, i don't have nearly as much experience as other people here, but in all the systems i ever had there was always a certain degree of hiss if i cranked the volume high enough with no record playing, even with phono stages running on batteries. I assume this is normal, but of course depending...
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