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    Desktop/listening room setup question

    Matching sub for the 8030 is probably the 7050 which costs 1k €, not 2-3 K. It is also more expensive than other similar size subs but easy integration with the monitors pays off the difference in my opinion.
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    Why the love for genelec and neumann?

    I use a pair of 8020 (with a 7040 sub) on my desktop for nearfield listening. I have them for a few months and find them still impressive as the first day. I don't find the treble "hot" but bear in mind that I use the treble tilt dip switch on the ON position. I'm very sensitive and annoyed by...
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    Genelec 8351B Review (Studio Monitor)

    could you comment regarding the differencies in electric music (like rock music - not electronic music) ? I understand what you mean about classical music, I don't know if this applies to electric music or not.
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    Hi end professional studio monitors vs hi end "hi-fi" speakers

    I don't know the answer to the title's question but regarding the listening fatigue that active monitors provoke, it is not true I recently bought a pair of Genelec 8020 for near-field listening in my desktop, I listen to them in my free time in the weekends, sometimes for 4-5 hours...
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    KEF LSX, Genelec 8020D, iLoud MTM, or JBL A130 for desktop use?

    I think the 8020D, that I have, tick all your requirements and probably your preferences about dimensions too. I was very satisfied, even before adding the 7040 subwoofer. At least for my hearing distance (almost 1 m) and the music I listen to (all kinds of rock, from classic and blues to metal...
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    Genelec 8050B vs. 8351B

    not electronic, just electric :) like
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    Genelec 8050B vs. 8351B

    I was wondering if the best vertical and horizontal directivity and the bigger sweet spot of the Ones are relevant for different kinds of music, e.g. do they have the same importance if someone listens to acoustic music or electric music like classic/hard rock etc. Would in the later case a...
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    Should I sell my vinyl rig?

    I you have to ask, ....... you better sell it.
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    Genelec 1032C

    what would be your preference? the 8350 or the similarly priced 1032 ? the listening distance will be 2 to 3 m in a room 5X7 m, limited acoustic treatment could be done, subs will be added, mainly to treat low bass behavior. usually listening around 75-80 db will the 1032 will have a clear...
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    Fight the living room problems: Cardiods vs nearfield vs multichannel

    RT60 was measured with the current speakers (Proac 140). Room is about 4x7 m with a big side opening to another room (the two together about 6X7 m).
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    Fight the living room problems: Cardiods vs nearfield vs multichannel

    Let's say you have a medium sized living room with a large opening to another room in one side wall. RT60 is 0,5-0,6 s above 200 Hz. Limited room treatment could be done, like 2 or 4 half-height bass traps and a few diffusers or absorbers in critical places. Listening distance is 3 m and the...
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    Dynaudio vs Genelec... No, it's not an easy question...

    One more vote for Genelec and especially the G series and maybe consider the cheaper and smaller 8030 with a small Genelec subwoofer for easy integration Edit Sorry, I wanted to say the 80xx or 83x0 series, NOT the G series apologies
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    Genelec 8351B Review (Studio Monitor)

    I would like to avoid 2 unnecessary conversions, regardless how near perfect they could be
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    When using subs , does the size of the monitors even matter?

    I think it's make a big difference depending on the listening distance it is about mid-bass that is outside sub's frequencies
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    Genelec 8351B Review (Studio Monitor)

    I think it is better to avoid the unnecessary extra Digital to Analogue and Analogue to Digital conversions, that will exist with every one of the appliances you mentioned you want sth with AES/EBU output, cheap and more expensive options have been already proposed in this thread, the streamer...
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    Genelec 8351B Review (Studio Monitor)

    @Sebastiaan de Vries thanks for the detailed description, it clarifies many things. Do the Trinnov has as many AES/EBU outputs or just one AES/EBU can send the data for all the 8351s ?
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    Genelec W371A + The Ones : My quest for the Grail is over

    price is 3000 € (a piece) including 24% VAT you can't buy it without paying VAT, except if it will be send outside EEC
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