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    Device manufacturers: Please add DSP

    As you may know, there are more and more people putting effort into measurements and EQ profiles for speakers and headphones. A user can then apply that EQ with something like EqualizerAPO. That's all fine and dandy.... unless you need ASIO and low latency. In that case, 3rd party solutions like...
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    Cheap headphone amp (low impedance)

    I'm looking for a cheap amp to drive low impedance (32 Ohm) headphones. So I'd like to have low output impedance on the amp. I just need analog line in and headphone out. No DAC and no battery. A potentiometer is not even strictly necessary. Ideally it would be powered via USB, but I can live...
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    BT200 Bluetooth/USB receiver - review

    This is a review of the "BT200" Bluetooth NFC wireless receiver + USB player. The price starts at around $8.50 from the usual suppliers of gadgets from China. Features: - Bluetooth (5.0) receiver with RCA and TRS 3.5mm outputs - NFC sensor for pairing and quickly connecting/disconnecting a BT...
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