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    JBL 4305p

    At Last JBL presents an active home/pro speaker Wireless AirPlay Cast BT Aux And from what I have seen it has ruler flat and excellent dispersion response
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    Bowers 805D4

    Soundstage ultra has the review and anecoic measurements for the bowers 805D4 Look like the new owners are staying with the current practice of enhancing the low and top end v shape tonal response
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    JBL 4309 new 6.5 Two way New family member for the 4300 series
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    JBL Synthesis SCL-1 and SSW -1

    JBL announced to complement loudspeaker for its SCL. Line The SCL-1. A dual 12” with D2 (m2) compresión driver And the ssw-1 dual 15” subwoofers
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    JBL 4349 review with measurements
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