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    Finally, music we can buy in 768 khz sampling rates.

    I predict that marketing departments will sell this as being the most accurate reproduction of the original medium. You'll be able to hear every click, pop and hiss in stunning UHD clarity, almost as if you're really listening to a vinyl album!
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    Tomorrow is a very big day! James Webb Scope is headed out.

    Finally science has advanced to the point that we may be able to get an accurate measure of your mother's circumference and mass.
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    Revel Concerta C10 Review (center speaker)

    I don't see the point of a center channel that cannot reproduce the full range of the male voice.
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    Oswald Mill Audio Museum Speaker Beautiful craftsmanship. No idea if it sounds any good. Love the aesthetic but I seriously wonder how messy dispersion is as a result of the aesthetic.
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    What movie should I watch first in 4K and with our new dual subs?

    Of that list, Gladiator. I'd personally go with The Fifth Element or the original Predator which finally got the remaster it deserved.
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    Jbl Stage A170/180 vs. Elac debut *F* 5.2/6.2

    Do you have a subwoofer? If not, definitely go with the 6.5". If you do, you may be able to get away with the 5".
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    two different amps sound the same?

    Open borders mentality
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    My speakers sound better than my headphones...

    Keep in mind that IEMs have transitioned to multiple driver configurations.
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    My speakers sound better than my headphones...

    That's where you're wrong. We can just turn it up 3db. Speakers > headphones all day every day
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    Why are coaxials so rare?

    It's like seeing a poorly designed speaker with obvious comb filtering issues. But you're obviously emotionally invested in Geithaine speakers and no longer objective on the topic.
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    Understanding the State of the Art of Digital Room Correction

    PC Master Race REW user checking in. What's this all about?
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    Why the hate for Grado?

    I enjoyed them for what they are, but they're not exactly hifi. I don't prefer the open can sound in general. I've not heard super high end open back cans however. I'd rather spend $200-300 on closed back headphones that have proper bass response.
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    Why are coaxials so rare?

    A much better implementation than the Geithaine
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    Using Cheap Laptop as Music Server

    Imagine thinking Microsoft patching their gaping holes will keep you safe. Get good AV and don't use Microsoft applications. Or Google apps for that matter.
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    Why are coaxials so rare?

    I like the concept, but that bridge on the 901k is obscuring way too much of the woofer, causing reflections and diffraction. You don't even see that in lo-fi car audio.
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    Using Cheap Laptop as Music Server

    I have a ThinkPad from 2007 that is still chugging along. Replace those fans. You shouldn't let a well made machine like that die just because a fan, disk drive or stick of RAM went out. Also OP should fall back to Win7. 10 provides no advantages.
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    No Computer, flexible, high end multiroom streaming setup questions

    Wait two years and get used to the sound of smartspeakers. This level of functionality will be reserved for smarthomes, complete with Wi-Fi based object detection. The feds won't even need to go wardriving anymore to get a doppler image of you scrolling your phone on the toilet. It'll be...
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    Raspberry pie solution for bbc sounds?

    Why doesn't it supply AAC or PCM audio? Does this service use some kind of unusual codec?
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    Relocating the PC

    Without knowing the size of the room I can't ballpark how many watts of heat are being dissipated, but with a quiet PSU and a suitably large CPU heatsink you can get by with one fan on the intake, one on the CPU heatsink and one for exhaust. Noctua is pricey but there are other sub 20db fans to...
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