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  1. gene_stl

    Here's whatcha need. Tube manufacturing equipment from RCA Providence Rhode Island Craigs List. I have no connection to the poster etc.
  2. gene_stl

    More MQA krap!
  3. gene_stl

    Podcast about Mercury Living Presence
  4. gene_stl

    A YouTube video about MQA from 2017 that looks pretty good to me.

    A pair of German audio engineers dissect MQA in 2017. Mansr is cited.
  5. gene_stl

    North Indian Vocal Music video in Binaural headphone format. Till 9:30 pm Saturday GMT From Oxford and Peter Gabriel A Message from Faculty of Music: Dear all, Thanks for tuning in. I'm sorry to hear that some of you can't access the video. Please use this link will take you straight to the video on youtube in...
  6. gene_stl

    New kits from Amazon

    I had not seen these kits until I saw the above video. I shall be ordering a set. As of yesterday the one in the video was out of stock but there are many other similar ones.
  7. gene_stl

    Some wisdom from a 1742 microscope expert.

    Viewing microscopical images and Optical illusions Nearly 280 years ago in 1742 Henry Baker FRS, a speech therapist for the deaf and dumb, wrote what is believed to be the first microscope manual – The MICROSCOPE Made Eafy. In Chapter XV, on pages 62-3, entitled Cautions in viewing Objects, he...
  8. gene_stl

    This is worth bookmarking in case CD players become rare.
  9. gene_stl

    New System on Chip from ON semiconductor This thing does alot for $11. The eval board is $632 The list of tricks it does is amazing.
  10. gene_stl

    Olympus selling camera division !! :oops:
  11. gene_stl

    Tesla coil audio

    Toto's Africa on tesla coils Where are the Ionovacs when you need them.
  12. gene_stl

    This came up in another forum but it is quite relevant here. Lirpa Labs

    So at another forum, Audio magazines' recurring April Fool Joke came up. The guy I built my speakers with and I had a lot of sophmoric humor about it and in the late eighties when I represented a computerized engraving machine company I made some Lirpa Labs nameplates engraved on brass for his...
  13. gene_stl

    Have you seen this? Ikea Eneby biamped blue tooth speaker $89 This guy tore one down and photographed it.
  14. gene_stl

    Dr. AIX Mark Waldrep releases Red Book vs Hi Res test. HD Audio Challenge II

    Dr. Mark's CD vs. Hi-Res test Sign up to receive files here. Here is something we can all try out and have some fun with.
  15. gene_stl

    Techmoan Review of Activo CT10

    Techmoan Review of Activo CT10 I enjoy this man's videos because he frequently reviews things that I remember seeing around , and often I didn't look closely at them. He has a very finely tuned ability to describe and critique the user experience with various gadgets he reviews. The DAP he is...
  16. gene_stl

    New chip amps?

    I am not certain how actually new this all is. Nonetheless for your information and amusement...
  17. gene_stl

    Greetings from St. Louis

    Greetings from St. Louis in the center of the USA, I have been an audio nut for about 52 years. In 1998 I moved out of the house were my stereo was and recently moved to a new house with a great room and I am setting up again. I have a lot of classic equipment and I will be expanding to...
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