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    Kennerton Rognir Review (Closed Back Headphone)

    This whole thread is about a poorly performing product that is said to sound good. By and large people appear okay with it.
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    Kennerton Rognir Review (Closed Back Headphone)

    I was ready for the conclusion to say something like: This is the worst headphone I have measured at ASR at any price. Imagine my surprise!
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    SMSL VMV A2 Review (Stereo Amplifier & DAC)

    Are those binding posts the same tiny things they put on their little $50 amps? They look like them in the picture.
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    Can we measure detail retrieval?

    A good answer that respects the OP. I'd vote you up more than once if I could.
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    DACS Are A Waste of Money (article)

    Your title is a bit disingenuous, the main point of the article is that upgrading a DAC is a waste of money. I wouldn't have thought many people here would disagree with that. Pick one that has the features you need. Done!
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    Music album that have affected you the most

    So much objective feedback for what is clearly intended to be a casual thread. More <insert you favourite tipple> needed people. If I was to pick an album that had an effect on my life it would be: The Alarm - Declaration. Not the greatest album ever and perhaps even sounds a little bombastic...
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    Bowers & Wilkins 607 S2 Anniversary Edition Review

    I would actually be ok with that dip in the presence region as I can't tolerate a flat response in that area. I would have reservations about those elevated highs though.
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    Understanding Grounding in Audio (Video)

    Presentations like this can quickly become overwhelming but you manage to do it in ways that even I can understand. Thanks Amir.
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    Flux FA-12 Review (headphone amplifier)

    This need a tear down, I've never seen an actual flux capacitor before.
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    I'm tired of audiophile and high fidelity confusion.

    Isn't the beauty of pretending that you get to make up your own rules?
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    If "Tube Sound" Is a Myth, Why Tubes?

    So while the rest of us were busy playing with our tubes Frank joined F1 in an elaborate attempt to get laid. :)
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    What are we listening to right now..

    Peter Gabriel - Plays Live One of my favourite albums
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    Poll: Best Looking Stereo Integrated Amp

    Classy! Presumably one removes the volume knob to get to the whisky.
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    Serious Question: How can DAC's have a SOUND SIGNATURE if they measure as transparent? Are that many confused?

    Not just the internet. Somebody came up to me the other day and tried to defend the "Covid is no big deal" camp by saying that in the UK 50000 people died of Flu last year. That was it... he literally had no other data to qualify his point. I find people do that all the time, just cherry pick...
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    Who is at fault?

    Are you seriously suggesting that if I do a search for Linux audio problems I won't get many hits?
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    Coffee - do you and how do you consume it?

    I drink around 6 cups a day but I stick to decaf, lest I need a trip to my nearest A&E dept.
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    Coffee - do you and how do you consume it?

    I see a lot of fancy gadgets these days that make expensive lousy tasting coffee. My preferred tool is still a stove top espresso maker.
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    Cant explain the effect of a Hi-end ethernet cable in the system

    I thought it would be obvious: More expensive cables have smarter ants that carry the packets through the cable more efficiently.
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    Quick measurements of Behringer UMC22

    It's feeding into an amp. It exhibits the same behaviour whether or not I use balanced or RCA cables.
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