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  1. Holmz

    Going active (using Hypex plate amp FA253)

    There are a few posts on the topic… However I’ll ask it again for a specific amplifier/DSP and a generic speaker. What is the preferred method for going active with some existing speaker(s), for example a generic/theorhetical 3-way? My thoughts are: Use a Hypex Plate amp like the FA253...
  2. Holmz

    Power-Cord/ Power-Conditioner testing

    How would someone gop about testing power cords or power conditioners? Maybe some broadband noise and 60 Hz on the plug end, and then look at the spectrum coming out of the amp end? I am always sceptical of the claims, but have no reason to doubt that a choke wouldn’t alter what iOS presented...
  3. Holmz


    This is probably the wrong sub forum… but what do people use for harmonics and resonance measurements? I found a Slam-Stick accelerometer, ($1500-$1800) and a bunch of lower frequency Arduino-based solutions, as well as expensive B&K equipment. I think that I need something that goes to 1000Hz...
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