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  1. DHT 845

    Class D vs Class A in Jay's Subjective and self serving comparison

    Word of Caution: Clicking on The below Video links will only help feed the “Subjective believe it” Industry. Watch at our collective peril!!! Interesting comparison class D with ultra high end mono amps Jay's conclusion: I don't agree with many of his statements in tha last video, but...
  2. DHT 845

    OCD hi-fi Mikey Guy point of view on cables and other stuff

    Hello. The Guy (Mike Powell) has youtube channel, owns Verastarr cable company for many years, he also sells hi-end stuff in the US. What do you think about his point of view on cables and other issues from his numerous youtube videos? But please, do not insult him (I kindly ask you). Maybe he...
  3. DHT 845

    Why practically no hi-end audio companies electronics tests?

    I wonder why there are no tests of well known (by almost every audiophile) hi-end companies stuff on this forum? Amirm is afraid of the "big boys" revenge or what? This lack of tests creates a picture that there is no need for hi-end, that cheap stuff that measures ok. or good is everything...
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