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  1. seadogbiscuit

    For Sale: Sabaj A20a Amplifier

    For Sale: Sabaj A20a Amplifier Used for less than a week. In perfect condition 10/10 Please see my listing on US Audio Mart $169 including Priority shipping and PayPal fees
  2. seadogbiscuit

    Female Vocals: Stunning Recordings You Love

    In the beginning, there was Sandy Denny and Maddy Prior. The first 2 females who caught my ears!
  3. seadogbiscuit

    Recommend a very good budget DAC...

    Sorry, You are right! Can be used as a converter.
  4. seadogbiscuit

    Vista Audio Spark II Review (Amplifer)

    I have contacted the owner and encouraged him to join ASR. He wasn't aware of the review. I wish him luck. I think he has good audio intentions.
  5. seadogbiscuit

    Vista Audio Spark II Review (Amplifer)

    I'll ask this: Who's put together the best TPA3255 amp for the money? $2-400 range. They all seem to have flaws. With all the minds out there on this site and diyaudio, you think someone would have perfected it. How about a board that could use a Hypex power supply and put it all in a...
  6. seadogbiscuit

    Vista Audio Spark II Review (Amplifer)

    krott5333: You said that very well! Thank you! Did you mention cute? I have an excellent streaming feed. I have clean conditioned power. I have good cables and all the gear is properly isolated. My listening space is well thought out and treated. My speakers are of the high sensitivity type...
  7. seadogbiscuit

    Vista Audio Spark II Review (Amplifer)

    We should invite Boris and Vista Audio to ASR! The members here could help him build a better amp. The price might reflect a EU reality, I'm not sure if costa are crazy in Serbia.
  8. seadogbiscuit

    Vista Audio Spark II Review (Amplifer)

    For comparison sakes let me add: I have also had the Emotiva A-100, the Aiyima A07 and the 3E Audio DAP2002 in with the same system. Most of my listening is below 65db. The 3E audio amp had so much distortion it went back the same day. The Aiyima A07 was much, much better. Plenty of power...
  9. seadogbiscuit

    Vista Audio Spark II Review (Amplifer)

    I knew this day was coming but I was hoping for better results. I am a very happy Spark II owner. Desktop use with Omega speakers that are 94.5db efficient. My channel balance is good. It's got all the power my speakers need. I find it more musical than my Purifi Eval 1 amp. I'm also hoping that...
  10. seadogbiscuit

    Anyone familiar with the Vista Audio spark?

    I have one and I love it! I have it paired with Omega 3i's in a desktop rig. I listen in the low 60db range, electronic music mostly. All the power I need! It's quiet, well built and fits perfectly on a desktop. I am looking forward to the measurements too!
  11. seadogbiscuit

    Purifi/Hypex/Ghent Build Concerns (Newbie Questions)

    I have just completed putting this combination together. The parts seem like they're made for each other, because they are. The wiring kit from Ghent has everything you need. The holes in the bottom of the case line up perfectly. I didn't get a manual with any of the parts. It's all online...
  12. seadogbiscuit

    [WTB] [FL] Amplifier for <$500

    Vista Audio Spark! $389, 2 inputs, 20wpc, small, very well made. Might be made by Dayens in Serbia.
  13. seadogbiscuit

    Amplifier Suggestions Wanted

    Audio by Van Alstine Vision SET 120 Class A/AB $900
  14. seadogbiscuit

    Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf Speaker Review

    I have just finished the BS22 Dennis Murphy conversion and 2020 is ending on a good note! The BS22's have turned into an excellent nearfield speaker! I need to give a "Shout Out" to Rick Sykora at Sykora Solutions,LLC, who helped me out with the crossovers! This was my first attempt at modding a...
  15. seadogbiscuit

    Budget Near Field Monitors/Speakers

    2 ideas... $200/pr PSB Alpha B1's on sale $300 Paradigm SE Atom's around $320
  16. seadogbiscuit

    Any PSB fans here?

    Premier 100 B's. On sale. I tried the Mini Monitor, the Atom SE and 1 more. All excellent for the price. The Premiers are made in Canada. I have a First Watt amp and need an efficient speaker. If PSB gives me another reason to buy, I will.
  17. seadogbiscuit

    Any PSB fans here?

    I don't think they're getting the resources that NAD gets. They come out with a new product every few years. The new Alpha's didn't test well and they show a lot of speakers online that aren't available. NAD has their A game going. They already have a Purifi amp, while PSB comes out with new...
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