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  1. seedragon

    Revel M80XC Review (Outdoor Speaker)

    To the ceiling. The installers found joists to mount them to.
  2. seedragon

    Revel M80XC Review (Outdoor Speaker)

    Great review @amirm ! I run 4x M80XC as overheads and they work great. The combination of sound quality and mounting flexibility is really what sets them apart. It's helpful to see that they have some vertical dispersion issues so I'll need to repoint them at the MLP. Thanks!
  3. seedragon

    Any reasonable on-wall speakers out there?

    I decided on the Silhouettes for the same reasons you are considering them: the AMT tweeter and a large and strong diver compliment. I found the AMT tweeter to be extremely neutral (sometimes too neutral, but that could have been due to Audyssey). They also take as much power as you can throw...
  4. seedragon

    Review and Measurements of Lyngdorf RoomPerfect EQ

    Have you done any room measurements with REW to find out if you're getting a null in the mid-bass region? If you are, then it doesn't matter what speakers you get, you'll have the same issue. The fix is either to reposition your Metas or add room treatments (bass traps). I'm assuming because...
  5. seedragon

    Revel F208 Tower Speaker Review

    I walked into a store with the intent to walk out with F206, then compared them to F208 for an extended amount of time. The difference in the size of the sound stage and bottom-end extension - which translates into what people often call "body" - was immediately apparent. I bought F208s (along...
  6. seedragon

    Arcam AV40 AV Processor Review

    It seems like the JBL SDR-35 is built on the same platform and might be more similar to the Arcam than the JBL SDP-55. Any idea of the SDR-35 will measure similarly to the Arcam? I’m in the market for one.
  7. seedragon

    Why Aren't There Female Audiophiles?

    So I put this question to my wife last night, and we both realized that a lot of females like to go to the spa or to read on the beach, which are largely solo activities. So being a solo hobby is not necessarily a good explanation. She told me the reason she thinks most females are not...
  8. seedragon

    Why Aren't There Female Audiophiles?

    I think there's a lot to be said about the fact that audiophilia is a sharply solo endeavor and that females tend to prefer activities that involve groups--particularly groups with other females--doing things together. As an example, my daughter likes sound quality and likes to listen critically...
  9. seedragon

    What was your best (and worst) audio purchase for the dollar?

    Best: 15" PowerSoundAudio 15V subwoofer (pair for $2500). They created a massive step up in the enjoyment I get out of my system from my little 8" DefTech. Revel F208 towers (used $2250/pr). Wow. Ridiculously even dispersion and frequency response for the money. UMIK-1 and REW ($100 + a...
  10. seedragon

    Review Questions for Flagship Processors: Trinnov, Storm, JBL, Lyngdorf, Datasat

    That is extremely helpful. My specific use case is actually multi-sub integration with my mains--I have phase issues at the crossover between my mains and two subs that I cannot solve with Audyssey XT32. Thanks for pointing that out about Trinnov Optimizer. Multi-sub integration appears to be an...
  11. seedragon

    Review Questions for Flagship Processors: Trinnov, Storm, JBL, Lyngdorf, Datasat

    Does the Trinnov Altitude 16 really require a trained installer/calibrator to implement? I'm a tech guy who's pretty comfortable with REW, but I'd rather not have to get a new degree in order to get a processor up and running.
  12. seedragon

    Focal Clear Review (headphone)

    Focal Clear Pro here and I also cannot get these things to "bottom out" before they reach levels I can't stand. One of the tracks that I use to test deep bass is Okay by Alison Wonderland. The sustained bass note at 2:15 is deep and very strong and the Clear just keeps playing along. I even...
  13. seedragon

    Revel M55XC Outdoor Speaker Review

    Cool, that is good to know, thanks for the feedback. I asked my dealer for a quote for both models to see what the difference is. Hopefully, the M80XC is within reach.
  14. seedragon

    Revel M55XC Outdoor Speaker Review

    I'm getting ready to suspend speakers from my vaulted ceiling and have been considering the M55XC. But the lack of bass/mid-bass output gave me pause since they will be dropped 1.5-2' below the ceiling and get no boundary gain. Have you had any issues with creating a seamless sound field? Do you...
  15. seedragon

    Must have headphones

    Focal Clear. Superlative for the price category ($1,500).
  16. seedragon

    Amp for focal clear

    Subjective reviews aren't reliable, but that's not their purpose. Their purpose is to help you decrease the probability that you will buy something you don't like. Measurements are reliable (assuming they are done correctly), but a piece of gear that measures neutrally may not even sound...
  17. seedragon

    Amp for focal clear

    Making audio buying decisions is a lot like shopping for any large/important investment, such as a car: you use subjective reviews to help you narrow down your options, but then you have to test drive before you buy. There's no way to buy a car blind and be sure that you got the best bang for...
  18. seedragon

    Amp for focal clear

    You can determine "more accurate" and "less accurate" compared to some reference. For an amp you measure the output signal as compared to the input signal, which is a volts-to-volts comparison. Comparing your headphone's SPL output to a voltage input is much more complicated and, in a way, a...
  19. seedragon

    Amp for focal clear

    100% valid, but not the only option if you have the time, money, and enthusiasm to compare amps. It's a fun thing to do in and of itself for some folks. =)
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