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  1. Dougey_Jones

    F/S: JBL Synthesis HDI-1600 - Pair - Gloss Black - Like New

    Howdy, I bought these about six’ish months ago and have decided to go a different direction with my HT system that they were being used in. They realistically have 24hr of use on them before I placed them back in their factory supplied double boxes. Originally paid $2k + tax, asking $1,650...
  2. Dougey_Jones

    Best low cost all digital stereo room correction?

    Current signal chain = Computer --> SMSL SU-9 --> Preamp --> Amp --> Speaker If I want to insert something between the Computer and SU-9 that will provide 20hz-20khz configurable room correction from my computer, would something like the Mini-DSP Open DRC-DI work well? I'm a little annoyed...
  3. Dougey_Jones

    How long before the ShenzhenAudio boys take a crack at HT processors?

    I see absolutely no reason why SMSL, Topping, or any of the other brands from Shenzhen couldn't piece together the parts necessary to make a well measuring HT preamp/processor. It's literally all off the shelf stuff these days with the execution being the sticking point. Denon seems to be best...
  4. Dougey_Jones

    XLR > XLR hard connector bridges? SMSL SU-9 & SH-9?!

    Hi Everyone, I'm having a surprisingly hard time finding information on this.. I've seen pictures of people with XLR bridge connectors that link your DAC to HPA in a traditional "stack" but can't find any for sale, and definitely not specifically for my SU-9/SH-9 stack.. If anybody knows what...
  5. Dougey_Jones

    Affordable threaded isolation feet?

    So, is there a $50 for four version of this somewhere out there?
  6. Dougey_Jones

    Recommend a DAC / Headphone Amp stack for $700’ish

    I currently have a Wadia 121 Decoding Computer which is a balanced DAC with Class A HP amp that retails for $1,299. I’m satisfied with the sound, but want very much to try either THX AAA or something with similarly high SINAD performance, and want to pair it with a balanced DAC whose performance...
  7. Dougey_Jones

    SMSL DA-8s compatible with SMSL P2 Linear PSU?

    Hi Everyone, Whole question is in the subject line, I’ve been unable to figure this out myself and was hoping someone could help me connect the dots. I have an ICE Power based SMSL DA-8s that I use as a PC desktop amp and wanted to know if I could upgrade my setup by using the newly released...
  8. Dougey_Jones

    FS: Wadia 121 Decoding Komputer

    This unit is in perfect condition and comes with the remote control. Retails for $1,299 and made Stereophile Class A. The integrated class A headphone amplifier is exceptional in combination with Wadias proprietary digital processing. $400 shipped OBO
  9. Dougey_Jones

    FS: SMSL SU-8 v2

    Perfect condition, with box and remote, I’ve got upgradeitis. $200 shipped.
  10. Dougey_Jones

    HDMI 2.0+ Receiver/Processor with full Dirac Live recommendations?

    So.. I’m in the market for either a receiver or processor with Dirac Live. My goal is to get the full Dirac package so that I can EQ my space 20-20,000hz. I’ve read Amir’s reviews of the Arcam AV40 and SDP-55 and am now at a loss as to what route I should go, as I was heavily considering the...
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