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    GaN Systems Amplifier Eval Board Measurements

    THD+N looks much better than most amplifiers out there. If only we could have great SINAD as well, GaN is definitely gonna stomp the market. Great efficiency and less dependence on heatsinks mean smaller and lighter designs too. Maybe it'll take off in the PA market first?
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    Marantz SR8015 Review (Home Theater AVR)

    Thank you so much for the review, but at 3.3k that's somewhat disappointing for the price. And with 11ch of amplification, they seriously should explore Class D as an alternative to reduce excess heat. I had to put a laptop cooling pad on top of the SR6014 even when using external amplification.
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    McIntosh MI254 Power Amplifier Teardown

    Greetings, fellow ASR readers. Long time lurker, first time poster here. This is a quick teardown of a McIntosh MI254 4-channel power amplifier. This amp is used as a supplement to the Marantz SR6014 AVR for home theater duty. It is powering two front channels and two surround channels. I...
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