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    KEF R3 Speaker Review

    Understand that , still I would like to have opinions from experts (I’m not) whether I should upgrade the amp to something which can go down to 2 ohms.
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    KEF R3 Speaker Review

    In the review its mentioned as "Impedance dips to 3 ohms which is quite low, emphasizing the point I made earlier about needing a good amplifier to drive these speakers" so the doubt.
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    KEF R3 Speaker Review

    Hi All, Wanted to check if Yamaha RN 803 is capable of driving Kef R3(just ordered) I’ve a REL T9i with high level connection to 803. Should I upgrade the amp? Room size is 14x11 feet. I listen at moderate volume only. Thanks
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    SMSL SU-9 Balanced DAC Review

    Hi Experts, This is my first post here, got the SMSL SU-9 a few days back, However, I've noticed one problem, while playing TIDAL MQA (96 OR 192kHZ) I'm facing intermittent sound issues. The sound would cut in and out, On the Dac, the MQA display goes off while this happens. I don't have this...
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