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    Room Calibration/Correction for Stereo

    Question: Do you need to perform room calibration/correction for a two channel stereo system?
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    QUESTION/HELP: DAC/Preamp vs AV Processor

    Not exactly sure how or what to ask here...let me explain. We are putting together a stereo speaker system. We plan to use it primarily with our TV for all things - TV, movies, and music. We have a BluRay player, internal apps to the TV, NAS, gaming systems...ect. Our plan is to connect all of...
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    Which AV Processor or DAC?

    Wasn't sure which forum to put this here it goes. We are purchasing a two channel system with a power amp and either a DAC or AV processor. We have on order and are waiting for: - a pair of Ohm Acoustic Walsh speakers by the name of Super Sound Cylinder (Recommended Amplifier...
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    HELP! Separates Class D Amp w/ AV Processor

    Greetings, I need some help. I am new to the forums and a novice when it comes to audio/AV tech. I've done a fair bit of research but don't seem to be making headway. I feel like I am just spinning my wheels. My spouse does not want a typical surround sound system and we have compromised on a...
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