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    apparently we and certain audiophile reviewers (NRD) are listening to completely different things when we review DACs

    So one pays up to $5k extra for that "decay" in the "time domain"... what a load of BS!
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    NAD and Rega a subjective impressions thread (not only)

    Hi all, I have recently upgraded (or so i believe) form a good old NAD C320BEE to a Rega Biro-R amp. I run it with a SMSL Sanksrit 10thMk2 DAC and a pair of Quad S2 bookshelves. As a backstory, i never buy new amps as i believe thy can be bought at a really high discount 2nd hand. So, i got...
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    How much do HiFi dealers add on top , on average?

    Just curious; I am just guessing but i'd say anywhere between 30 to 100%? Maybe some of you have been in this business and could provide a more realistic average value. as a follow up i've noticed by watching some YT videos that they generally do not stock cheapo stuff (like under £1000...
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    Is the Hi-Fi industry inherently not adapted to the 21st century (serious discussion)?

    Hi there, i was wondering in the light of last years' events( Covid, chip shortages, etc), that this whole 18months exacerbated the Hi-Fi's industry shortcomings. i think this may end up yet again into a hi-fi Subjective/Objective reviewer thread( but hope not). What i'm saying is that for many...
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    What specs do actually matter in amps?

    I believe this is a topic that gets a lot of coverage but i would like to address it still in this post. Long story short i am on the lookout to "upgrade" my NAD C320BEE. Ofc i'm not made of money so about£600-700 or up to 1000USD is the budget. I am am talking solid state here and not tube...
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    Sound stage depth

    This is a picture taken from Tate Britain Museum. The speakers are active Yamaha don't know exactly the model. Playing some jungle sounds with great depth. You reckon they need more for added realism?
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    How exotic(whacked) is your speaker placement?

    Hi all, i just wanted to share my experience and ask about yours. So i have a pair of Quad S2 and given they aren't that big i consider them pretty versatile. I am a sound stage guy first and foremost so i spent a lot of time tinkering and placing them. I ended up with them placed on isolation...
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    are you disappointed of some of your old favorite songs that sound like crap on you new hi fi equipment?

    I got my system upgraded to more transparent speakers and better amp and i re listened some of my old (2000s- 1990s) songs that i thought i knew and many sound like crap, badly recorded etc... i'm a bit sad about this even though good recordings bring my listening experience to a whole new...
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    audiolab 6000A and Quad S2, good match?

    Hi everyone. I have recently purchased a pair of Quad S2 speakers which i love and i currently play them through a NAD C320BEE. I do not have a lot of experience with different amps but i have heard and seen a lot of praise for the audiolab 6000A integrated amp and it is very well within my...
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    I recently discovered this guy on YT and i find him refreshing

    People have always tried to sell you shit- truer words have never been spoken
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    My first audiophile grade stereo amp and WOW OMG!

    Dear Forum, i am just a simple man that has finally bought a 2nd hand real audiophile stereo amp. My actual journey began 9 years ago when i bought my first and only AVR (Onkyo TXSR308). I went on to purchase a pair of Wharfedale 9.1 as my main stereo speakers plus a subwoofer a center...
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    Does CSR 8675 Actually need an external DAC?

    So this is my first post, i am fairly new to the audiophile world. I am looking at Bluetooth streaming of music from a handheld device. I like the practicality and am trying to achieve the most on the cheapest. So the premise is I wanna listen through BT, (5.0 if available) and achieve the...
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