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  1. UniPolar

    Extreme Snake Oil

    And this is the 'extreme' version. Surely they must also have a 'lite' version for those who only want half of the improvement.
  2. UniPolar

    Extreme Snake Oil

    Hmmmm... I think the business who sent out this ad may be popular here on ASR... :oops: Nonetheless, would you be so inclined to believe this claim ? .
  3. UniPolar

    Class D amp long term reliability

    You have a lot of great experience ! Since this thread is about 'reliability', the words Porsche and Mercedes are not at the top of my list in that regard. And some of that may be related to anecdotal information, but after having several VW's in the late 70's & 80's, I still have an...
  4. UniPolar

    Class D amp long term reliability

    Thinking back to a time when things were repairable - or at least temporarily fixable - I can recall my parents having to throw away several tube type televisions. Yes, you could get parts and yes, there were shops close by to ' repair ' these, but the reliability ( and performance ) was just...
  5. UniPolar

    Elac Debut Ref. DBR62 (500€) or pay over twice the price for Revel M16 (1200€)

    The vinyl wrap on the DBR 62 is somewhat disappointing, BUT it likely doesn't scratch easily like the M16's finish might.( or so it would appear from photos I've seen ) And the seam on the bottom is , well, on the bottom where no one but you will know it's there . I think the look is kind of...
  6. UniPolar

    Elac Debut Reference DBR-62 Speaker Review

    Christmas arrived early this year. Somehow my credit card magically ordered a pair [ insert shame emoticon here ] of these Reference DBR-62's . They are very enjoyable in my listening space without any EQ'ing. This is very fortunate, since with my insatiable OCD, I would have the need to be...
  7. UniPolar

    Hypex NCore - Yea or Nay?

    Hypex NCore modules - seem to be a Yea at this point in time. I may be more a*al than some, but I would not purchase an 'assembled' amp unless they can provide safety certification compliance.. I think it is possible for an assembler to self-certify in some cases .. And they may be exempt...
  8. UniPolar

    The cliches of subjective audiophilia...

    In the not so distant future, aliens who monitor this forum , will arrive with advanced equipment and new testing methodologies which will likely - and only then - be able to finally put to rest these type of discussions.. ..Until then, just relax and enjoy your music.
  9. UniPolar

    The cliches of subjective audiophilia...

    <<Channeling Jeff Foxworthy >> YOU might be an engineer if -- you measurebate frequently.. :facepalm:
  10. UniPolar

    Charlie Watts

    I would have expected Mick to go before Charlie Watts.... It would have been nice to have heard more from him on how he managed to integrate himself into a seemingly incongruent position for such a long time..
  11. UniPolar

    Watches! What do y'all have on your wrists?

    Reminds me while walking down Canal St. In NYC, you would frequently hear folks whispering 'Watches, Watches , Rolex, Movato' while they carefully looked over the neighborhood for any police activity...
  12. UniPolar

    Advice on integrated amp for Wharfedale Diamonds 230

    I 'hear' you loud and clear... To me you 'sound' like you've already made up your mind. You seem to want to re capture what you heard but the reality is, no one here can do that for you and your ears.. Large caps, large toroids, conservative ratings, beefy internals etc. seem to be what you...
  13. UniPolar

    Did You Buy Based On Amir's Review?

    IF I were wanting to make a purchase, then I'd see if there had been a test/review here. I would count the results here with more weight than what I could possibly find elsewhere, but I doubt a review here would be the sole reason to purchase. or not. . EDIT:: Does anyone here remember the...
  14. UniPolar

    How do you sort (organise) your CDs, LPs, K7s, Tapes; physical medias

    For physical media ( mainly CD's ), I have a sequential number assigned and taped to each disk clamshell, in no particular order. The music server I use allows me to store that number in a special field and search on any other field and metadata .. . So, even if I don't have the CD ripped...
  15. UniPolar

    Love the YouTube channel, but many clueless and low-value comments there.

    . Fortunately, the gods were listening and they created the 'ignore' feature.... :)
  16. UniPolar

    Advice on integrated amp for Wharfedale Diamonds 230

    Sounds as if you are making progress One thing of note, psychologists say we remember negative events and feelings longer and they are buried deeper into the psyche than the positive ones. In other words, one single negative 'review' sways the person more than a single positive one...
  17. UniPolar

    Advice on integrated amp for Wharfedale Diamonds 230

    I agree. I'm rather new here also, and also expected more 'substance' .. I wonder if all the prior posts has help the OP to make his decision... It seems he was already biased against the 'frankenstein' Yamaha.. I get that he is not able to audition equipment in his country, so he's asking...
  18. UniPolar

    Advice on integrated amp for Wharfedale Diamonds 230

    Doodski, exactly what are you saying here ?? More refined because of the fewer output transistors or the biasing is better ? Does more 'capacitance' always produce a more powerful transient ? Have an engineering background maybe ? Pulling the data sheets really doesn't prove much unless...
  19. UniPolar

    Advice on integrated amp for Wharfedale Diamonds 230

    @brotakul I vote for the Yamaha - if only because I have owned several and they have been as reliable as I would ever want. You may get better bang/buck if you purchase something on the used market, but then you may not have a warranty.. Even though this site is focused on measurement of...
  20. UniPolar

    Advise on amp

    VCO1, from my experience, those toroidals are mounted using a rubber or silicone insulator on top and below. There also is usually a metal 'cap' on top through which a metal bolt is used to secure the transformer to the chassis. IF there is enough room, you can add an additional layer of...
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