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    Testing of Streaming Services (Tidal, Apple, Amazon)

    I am trying out the various streaming services and would like to narrow it down to one or two. I currently have Tidal HiFi - primarily for Roon integration and I also have Amazon Music as the family uses it. Prcing for the Hi Res is about equal. Amazon and Apple are about $15/mo. for the...
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    Room Shaper Audio plugin for Roon, JRiver, etc and custom room equalization

    This is a small company which does the room correction for you via a Roon plugin. Not only Roon.. HQplayer, JRiver, Foobar (together with the VST convolver plugin) and any other player with VST plug-in format compatibility or using Brutefir convolution engine (like Volumio).
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    How to do high level input right with a sub.

    I have the KEF LS50 metas and a KEF KC62 sub. I have noted the preference by some for high level sub input for the best performance - especially in music. I use a good DAC for the source and only play 2 channel music from Roon or JRiver. My Marantz is 11 channel Atmos capable and is...
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