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    ASR Directiva Open Source Speaker Review

    Considering the thoughtful criticism from the readers and helpful insights from the designers I look forward to all the improved versions! Until then i can only say thank you so much to rick and ctrl for the work you have provided for the community. A completed product is always a set of...
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    ASR Directiva Open Source Speaker Review

    This deserve a video. Maybe with Rick and Ctrl as guests?
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    PS Audio Stellar Review (Phono Preamplifier)

    The art dj pre II seems better on every metric and also really cheap.
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    Superlux HD668B Review (headphone)

    I have these, i think they sound good at low/medium SPL without EQ but when you turn them up it sounds distorted in the bass fast. Looking forward to see the improvement of the EQ but i think i will leave the bass without boost .
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    Purifi SPK5 Speaker Review (Prototype)

    It looks like the box has come apart on the upper left seam on the picture of the back?
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    Marchand XM44 Analog Active Crossover Review

    Yup. Thats the point. I agree with everything your saying except for "nah, not really". Thats important to understand before you consider using anything like this. If its allready obvious to you thats great but i dont think it is for everyone.
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    Marchand XM44 Analog Active Crossover Review This should be mandatory reading to anyone planning to use this or similiar devices.
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    Marchand XM44 Analog Active Crossover Review

    So the crossovers are at one fixed frequency? In that case i dont think the resonance on the low pass should be a problem. Most drivers for that low frequency wouldnt have much output where it is worst anyway.
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    KEF Q100 Speaker Review

    About that distortion heard, was it also present in the LS50? There are some interesting solutions in the ls50 whitepaper for damping of port resonance and cabinet. Is those present in the Q100 as well? Could be an explanation. Also looking at the impedance it seems the Q100 is crossed over a...
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    Do Audio Speakers Break-in?

    I nothing at all happens the first few hours and then in the 99th hour something dramatic changes it completely i would be concerned about that speakers longevity. I dont think pink noise is a good signal , it will heat the voicecoil significantly more than normal dynamic music. Not that i...
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    Revel M16 Speaker Review

    I get the impression by wording and the panther that you like these better than the genelecs? Why?/Why not? Will be interesting to see how they compare to the much cheaper Kali Lp-6
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    Genelec 8341A SAM™ Studio Monitor Review

    Your pictures doesnt show. Tried a different browser with the same result.
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    Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Speaker Review

    I see 1db variations that seems consistent between the measurements in that graph. Am i reading it wrong?
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    Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Speaker Review

    I trust more in the preference rating than any subjective review so i try to ignore the listening test but if it should have any credibility at all this is very important. Everyone is subject to expectation bias, no amount of training or technical knowledge will cure that.
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    Neumann KH 80 DSP Speaker Measurements: Take Two

    We have that in the revel center speaker. Thats my reason to trust the NFS. I was slightly skeptical when the kali in-8 measured so poorly but with the revel speaker and that it turned out the kali sample was broken i trust Amirs measurements.
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    Neumann KH 80 DSP Speaker Measurements: Take Two

    At what point can we agree to trust Amirs measurements above the manufacturers? What compression? As amir said he measured at 85db this time. If there is compression this speaker is shit. And i dont think it is. It just have a small bass dip that will not look like that in any non-anechoic room.
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    KEF LS50 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    I think it is a problem to add the comments on the bass response under predicted in room response, it obviously doesnt predict much in the bass. It looks pretty much like the anechoic measurement. In a room it will have more bass gain, how much is varying with the room. If you look at the room...
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    Neumann KH 80 DSP Monitor Review

    I guess this is a pretty good guesstimate of what could be if the assumptions are true but i dont see the reason to manipulate the measurements like that. Just post neumanns own graph if that is what you believe in. Or draw a straight line. That looks even better. If you like a measurement of...
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    Harbeth Monitor 30 Speaker Review

    Ok. I tought i read the thread trough but obviously not :) I was trying to work and read at the same time, maybe not the best idea...
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    Harbeth Monitor 30 Speaker Review

    That impedance measurement is bad. Every bass reflex speaker have two pronounced peaks, one on either side of the tuning frequency, i have made some crappy test boxes that propably were not completely air tight but i have not seen that kind of inpedance result before. That there are some minor...
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