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    "Not-enough-to-drive the heaphones", how is it defined?

    In this thread, I want to focus mainly on the aspect of power output. I'm not certain if other aspects like frequency, distortion, etc. affects the power output. To be clear, I'm not an expert in electrical/audio engineering by any means. When looking a new amplifier, it is easy to find people...
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    How to differentiate CTIA (AHJ) vs OMTP standard TRRS by look?

    Hi, I have Beyerdynamic Byron, which is an in-ear monitor with built-in mic (3.5mm TRRS jack). I want to use it with my JDS Labs Atom amp. The thing is, when ever I plug it into Atom, the sound is like I'm under water (echoey) for some reason. However, if I use it with Fiio e10k, as well as my...
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    Unimpressive DT990 Edition 600 ohm bass?

    Hi all, Recently, I had a chance to try out DT880 Edition/premium 250/600 ohm (already returned) and DT990 Edition 600 ohm (currently own). At least to my ear, their bass are almost the same, though DT880 is a bit tighter (and faster?). Upgrading from AD700x which is my daily driver for 2...
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    Question about 4xx, 880 premium 600 ohm "drivability"

    Hi folks, today I receive 800 premium 600 ohm and pair it with my e10k, D10 + Atom combo. A while ago, I bought 4xx but then returned it. With D10 + Atom, I have enough volume at around 10'o clock on Atom, while D10's volume was maxed out in window/Topping driver. For e10k, it's window volume...
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    Advice for headphones under $200

    Hi folks, I mainly listen to piano, string instrument cover of a song (E.g: song XXX guitar/piano/violin cover, etc). Which headphone will suit me?. Power requirement is not a problem. The headphone should be available in US.
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    What does a speaker amp output?

    From what I know, speaker cone will move back and forth to create sound based on the signal it receives. However, I can't find a definite answer on whether an amplifier output varied DC (or AC with DC offset) or AC? In case it outputs AC, which means there will be positive and negative voltage...
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    About coax out quality.

    Now I'm using e10k simultaneously for both my speaker and headphone setup. I know that if I use/plug both head/line out at the same time, audio quality can be degraded duo to some factors (not enough energy from usb port, etc). However, what if I use only one of them but with coaxial out...
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