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    40K preamp measurements I think what struck me, was the listening review earlier when they claimed they could tell the difference between 16/44 vs 24/96 on the same track... But looking at the noise levels...
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    Room correction for a newbie

    I have been into audio for almost 40 years. I have swung up and down on the pendulum but right now for many years I have lacked a nice speaker based system to listen to - I have several more casual systems but nothing is setup to allow me to go somewhere and just listen except for a small...
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    Failed right channel - multiple amps

    I'm new here so if this isn't the right place for this let me know. My daughter has a set of older gear that makes up her audio system. She has an older turntable, cd player, and a cable to connect her iPhone to the RCA input of her amplifier. Her original receiver was fine for a long time...
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