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  1. mhardy6647

    Tube for starters

    ... or... feel free to read through this thread at audiokarma on a very cheap vacuum tube component/family of components. Draw your own conclusion(s). (195 pages as I type this)
  2. mhardy6647

    PS Audio Noise Harvester AC Cleaner Review

    oh. and then there's this... all 145 pages of it. :rolleyes:
  3. maty

    Chinese Tube buffer or Pre-amp

    4.9 / 5 Based on 16 customers reviews.
  4. cryptout

    Thoughts on tubed preamps?

    I also use a cheap tube pre (fx-audio tube-01) in my otherwise very clean (Atom + D50s) headphone setup. Messing around with tubes is fun. There is a huge tread on another friendly forum about this cheap pre. (search: FX Audio 6j1 tube preamp - a $31 wonder)
  5. L

    HDMI Audio to USB Conversion?

    Ah, upsampling is possibly why you are getting good results via HDMI. But there are surely applications on your laptop which will output 44.1kHz sources at (native) 44.1 kHz output - in fact I see in your photo in post #71 the D90 displays "44.1kHz" though, in that particular situation I see you...
  6. ta240

    Topping E30 DAC Review

    Just add one of these after it: It will invert the signal again ;) Or if you don't want that sweet sweet tube sound ;) Use L-4E6S microphone cable for your...
  7. maty

    Chinese Tube buffer or Pre-amp

    FX Audio TUBE-01 Scythe Kama Bay Mini Pro Bluetooth HDMI Linear Power Supply [ Round 4: FX + Akitika The FX pleased me so much that I resolved to further test it out as a preamp. I was writing at the dining...
  8. Veri

    Chinese Tube buffer or Pre-amp

    Oh no maty what are you doing :facepalm: don't propagate this bullshit for the love of God and all that is holy :(
  9. D

    Thoughts on tubed preamps?

    I have the FX AUDIO T03 and the AIYIMA A3 Tube preamps and they sound very good. Also have the AIYIMA T9 Bluetooth Tube preamp. I don't recommend the T9, it is flawed. They are all upgadable by changing the NE5532P OPAMPS to better Texas Instruments I Have the FX AUDIO T03 and the AIYIMA A3...
  10. mhardy6647

    A wishlist of gear to be reviewed by Amir

    Based on a quick search here* It doesn't look like @amirm has "tested" the (in)famous little FX Audio 6j1 preamplifier gizmo ("The $31 wonder" as some have dubbed it). I have a perverse fascination with weird, cheap Asian-sourced vacuum tube equipment like this little preamp -- but even I...
  11. tdesaules

    Question regarding 2.1 setup

    Hi everyone ;) I'm looking some advise regarding a 2.1 setup in a small room (~130 sq ft). I have some constraint and some stuff : My multiroom setup is based on raspbery pi Need to be small Need to be cool and fun to test thing I already have some speaker and a subwoofer ( 2 Cambridge Audio...
  12. Veri

    A wishlist of gear to be reviewed by Amir

    Would be funny to see its effect be audio-gd levels of horrific, with so many people on YouTube praising them..
  13. N

    Topping E30 DAC Review

    I was hoping to just use this as a preamp to my actives and be done with it. This was going to be great because it comes with a remote! While a tube amp sounds interesting, without a remote, it's not something I can justify(it's for TV/MOVIE watching) and music listening.... Perhaps I am taking...
  14. C

    Behringer A800

    Hi IowAudio! first of all, thanks for your review and comments. Do you know if this tube buffer preamplifier could be a good match for the a800? FX-AUDIO TUBE-01
  15. G

    Topping PA3: subjective impressions

    Tube buffer You buy one and turn the amp up to 12 o'clock and then turn the volume up on the tube buffer or preamp with tubes using one of the loudest songs you have, when it start to get distort stay...

    DAC under $100 in aliexpress

    I have been using the tenth Sanskrit edition with AK4490 on my desk every day, and using a 5V 2 AMP plug with it, attached to an SMSL amplifier SMSL SA-98E 2x160W (THE SYNERGY IS VERY IMPORTANT) together with my old three-way Technics boxes, I can say today that the sound is clean, of course, if...
  17. A

    Advice on a preamp

    I would like to buy a preamp to use with an analogue rig fed by a turntable+phono stage. I have been looking at for different alternatives but have difficulty deciding which one to go for since we cannot really rely on the info available (audio gd is paradigmatic...
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