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    KEF R3 Speaker Review

    I would also look at the Focal Aria 906. It compares well against the R3 (in my inexperienced view).
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    High(ish) end passive speakers for 2-channel audio kit recommendations

    I am currently comparing the same speaker and the KEF R3. I do like the Aria a bit more although the R3 sounds good too. I still have more listening to do but I may go with the Focal.
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    High(ish) end passive speakers for 2-channel audio kit recommendations

    The BMR is on my list as the first one I want to build. I haven't looked at the DIY Sound Group stuff but I will now.
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    High(ish) end passive speakers for 2-channel audio kit recommendations

    I would hesitate to discredit GR Research so fast. His X-LS Encore design measured very well and did earn a recommendation from Amir.
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    Repentant subjectivist

    I think the biggest issue here might be the availability of the objectivists' point of view. I have only been messing around with this hobby off and on for a few years now, so I have been mostly doing research and following the more reputable (in YouTube land) reviewers on YouTube. Until...
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    Bookshelf and sub(s) versus floor standers in a small room

    I am still early on with building a good system for my 13.5 x 12.5 x 8 room. Due to the size of the room, I am focusing on bookshelf speakers (currently comparing KEF R3 versus Focal Aria 906) and am building a Rythmik subwoofer kit to go with it. I am wondering if I should write off floor...
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    Budget ABX gear/method "good enough" to compare amps, DACs, audio sources?

    Russound makes some speaker switch boxes that have volume controls so you can level match. I had one and it worked ok. I now have a more expensive one but it has paid for itself a few times over since I could not tell the difference between a pricy amp and a reasonably priced one.
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    Top Engineered Brands

    Are there other speaker manufacturers not mentioned here that adhere to Harman/Toole principles? I did notice that the CSS Audio mentions Toole as an influence in their products which are separate drivers, completed speakers, and kits.
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    Our Beliefs and Attacking Ignorance

    I am all about that fruit. What else is fruity other than rooms and speakers?
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    Our Beliefs and Attacking Ignorance

    There are a lot of people who get gear reviews on various YouTube channels, and now that audience is seeing references to ASR based on the ASR YouTube channel. That is how I got here! When Danny Richie and Steve Guttenberg mention ASR by name, there is a lot of crossover traffic, some which...
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    Any experience with Magnepan modifications?

    There is a lot of hype about various types of modifications under the view that Magnepans have some great attributes but are built to price points and they can be significantly improved by upgrading the design. I did try the easiest type of modification which was replacing the fuse for the...
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    Our Beliefs and Attacking Ignorance

    As a newbie that spent a few years in the subjectivist camp before discovering this forum (thanks YouTube), I have a few comments. All the knowledge here can be presented as a positive and not a negative to subjectivists. As an example, I was happy to learn that I don't have to spend a ton...
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    Audiophiliac gives Audio Science Review channel a plug

    I have watched a lot of these same channels. I do like Zero Fidelity since he tries to describe the characteristics of how a speaker sounds, so that people who like or dislike those characteristics can decide what they may want to put on their list. He tries to avoid coloring his feedback...
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