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  1. confucius_zero

    A RedZone DAC that's much better subjectively sounding than a BlueZone DAC?!

    That got me curious. Since some here can't differentiate the sound quality between DAC SINAD numbers or claim these are irrelevant and inaudible, I'd like to be openminded to the idea that a RedZone DAC could beat a BlueZone DAC as a proof that bad implementation could be intentional in the...
  2. confucius_zero

    Best spdif SINAD in a DAC?

    Seems most here is measured by USB which is fine, but I'm looking to hook up a dac via a possibly dirty spdif. What is the recommendation is such a situation?
  3. confucius_zero

    "Measurement data are one thing, and audio quality is another. "

    Which makes me question the correllation of this statement...
  4. confucius_zero

    SPL Phonitor E anybody? I'm quite curious of this one as it provides a lot more power and headroom than any of the THX amps or the jds atom, geshelli archel2, schiit heresy mini amps...
  5. confucius_zero


    Looking to get my first turntable. Not really sure what I should be paying attention to but so far rega planar 1, project DC and Sony ps-hx500 are names that came up. I'm considering adding a Cambridge duo per this site's recommendation but I don't know what else. This is not a thread of...
  6. confucius_zero

    Value and depreciation of an expensive high SINAD product in a fast growth and cycle industry

    It wasn't so long ago that the SMSL D1 reached 113 SINAD and costs above 1000. Nowadays, you have the SMSL M500, Sabaj D5 and Topping DX7Pro that matched it. If this keeps up, we'll be reaching an affordable 120 by mid-2021, like we reached an affordable god-tier SINAD in headphone amplifiers...
  7. confucius_zero

    So this thing costs 43k....
  8. confucius_zero

    What measurements number in the dashboard leads to a "warm and intimate" sound vs "colder more technical/clinical" sound?

    It is true that higher sinad lead to something more separated more defined and true to the source. However, I wonder which measurement data can define the "personality" of an audio device when it comes to warm vs cold? The frequency response?
  9. confucius_zero

    McIntosh MHA100 any good?

    Seems looking at the DX7Pro and M500 and JDS Atom and all the thx 887 789 amps that we have reached some kind of "endgame" on measurements, but how would this 4000$+ lavish device compare?
  10. confucius_zero

    Speaker amplifier frequency response hide and seek

    I've noticed on some speaker amplifier reviews that Frequency Response measurements are either displayed or missing in action. Does it mean it matters less than the other measurements?
  11. confucius_zero

    Focal's Jot THX 789 contender

    Focal Arche 0.1 ohm output impedance. Dual-Mono Class-A amp.
  12. confucius_zero

    Reducing Output impedance of a DAC/AMP

    Say the Apogee Groove has a huge output impedance of 21ohm. Can I diminish it by hooking it into a JDS Atom (1ohm)?
  13. confucius_zero

    Can headphone THD measurements be considered as SINAD?

    I'm new to headphone THD measurements but I've lately heard headphones of 1% THD and 0.3% THD and I can tell that those measuring at 1% especially in the mids and treble definitely deliver sound that feels "annoying/fatiguing" to listen to.
  14. confucius_zero

    THD and SINAD Correlative Math Equation?

    Remind me how THD relates to SINAD again? how do you translate it? (THD+N ?%)*equation = SINAD ?DB Thank you
  15. confucius_zero

    Size/Footprint of device and Performance correlation?

    The JDS Atom is quite small yet would outperform larger heavier devices (on numbers and possibly sound) that have more "things" making them heavier and larger or more impressive. I wonder if the size/weight of the device is often reflective or not of its performance? and why something small...
  16. confucius_zero

    Amplifier THD relative to power?

    I've spent a night looking at thd curves on this website... When I look at THD curves, I see that it gets lower before rising back up again. The less powerful amps seem to reach low THDs at low power and the more powerful ones reach it...
  17. confucius_zero

    Teac's Hypex Amps

    To those who don't want to DIY a Hypex Ncore amp...
  18. confucius_zero

    Electrostatic earspeakers (headphones) amplifier as good as JDS Atom or THX789?

    Hey guys, I know we haven't measured any yet but I am looking for a JDS Atom/THX789 level amplifier for electrostatic headphones. For now, the budget isn't much of concern but if it can be purchased under 1k$ I'd appreciate. Do you know of any and do you know of a website that "ASRs" them...
  19. confucius_zero

    What brands measured in this forum have great customer service? Does it matter?

    This subject has come up more than once. While some products measure quite well, the experience of those who bought the products seems to hint at a quality lottery that diminishes the expected enjoyment. While some enjoy rapid response/support/service from brands, other queries are either...
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