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    Floorstanding speakers recommendation for mixed use. JBL vs Kef vs BW vs Revel

    Hi, Looking for some advice in making a decision around what speakers to choose as FL and FR. The use will be roughly 50-50 between music in an odd shaped open space (500cm x 900cm x 410cm). I attached a diagram that should help. Some constrains I'm working with: - no subwoofers - speakers...
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    FS: Benchmark AHB2 + MiniDSP SHD Dirac

    EU only Bought new 6-8 months ago, papers available. Full packages, including accesories and box. MiniDSP includes UMIK-1 and tripod. 2900 EUR total, including shipping to anywhere in the EU. Selling because I am moving to a a multichannel setup. Products are widely known, pasting here the...
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