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    Helm dongle.

    Hi my cousin bought it as a present for me straight from their website. I have 23 emails with them since the beginning of the year. It was not working properly from the beginning. They told me to buy additional software which I did. Still doesn't work properly- very noisy. Last I heard from...
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    Helm audio dongle.

    Hi, my cousin bought me this as a present, from their website. From the outset strait From the box it was not working properly. I was in touch with them, and they said I should by additional software which I did. But still it was noisy and stopped working. In Feb. They wrote me that they will...
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    New TEAC power amp based on Hypex Ncore.
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    New Emotiva Basx amps.

    I wonder, did they fixed their amps? Amiram can we expect measurements soon?
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    Suqiya Amp.

    Did anyone came across Suqiya digital amp - SUQIYA-150W+150W digital power amplifier TPA3255 high power pure post-stage amplifier supports XRL true balance input
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