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  1. Flaesh

    JBL Stage A130 Review (speaker)

    71 $ \ ea.: Sealed. Cross @2.6k. Don't know how bad (or not so bad) directivity is. p. s.: $64 in another shop
  2. Flaesh

    A Few Questions on Polycylindrical Diffusers

    AFMG Reflex 30 days trial version
  3. Flaesh


    Ever on weeckdays I try to remember that neighbors are humans too:) Are you talking about "Ruins"? Personal preferences may vary. During the second song, the guest ordered a CD.
  4. Flaesh


    Dunerider - RUINS (2021) The police visited us at 22.50 and said that on weekends you cannot listen loudly after 18.00 :cool:
  5. Flaesh

    Stereo Bass using subwoofers

    Cross about 80-90 Hz. Body feel - likely in front of listener, as always with normal DBA.
  6. Flaesh

    Stereo Bass using subwoofers

    I can hear beat on the right. Then I went close to the left speaker and heard a drum beat from the left tweeter. (Normal mono DBA subs)
  7. Flaesh

    Double bass array. Low Q subs. [Quasi]plain wave radiation?

    Umik1 in listening place (red curve about foot from side wall):
  8. Flaesh

    Stereo Bass using subwoofers

    How big your big system is? Mine is relativly compact and bass limited; DBA subs make sense of frontal and outdoor-ish bass. LF content in "Starting up" file and in listening place (peaks are limited at VLF, I need more subs :rolleyes:) I think bass is mono in this recordings
  9. Flaesh

    Dedicated listening room measures

    - or second bass array (DBA) - or, may be, thin passive absorption with some (usable) air space behind
  10. Flaesh

    Stereo Bass using subwoofers

    Please tell us about bodily sensations when you listen!
  11. Flaesh

    Stereo Bass using subwoofers - Train starting up going south and Full coal train with helper. Nice home listening:cool: @Tom Danley, how far from trains mics was placed?
  12. Flaesh

    Is Jay talking about Amir?

    Very nice idea!:cool:
  13. Flaesh

    Google Nest Audio Spinorama and Measurements

    - "You can open a Nest Audio by pulling hard on the front shell. It is installed like a regular speaker grill but a lot tighter"
  14. Flaesh

    Double bass array. Low Q subs. [Quasi]plain wave radiation?

    Fazenda et al. are not hardworking enough. As I:) Undoubtedly it would be interesting to compare with Geddes'\MSO approach. But I think "1.6 Front-Back (FB) Configuration" is something similar in generally. My friends and I definitely preferred the outdoorish bass in my system with samles like...
  15. Flaesh

    Double bass array. Low Q subs. [Quasi]plain wave radiation?

    In imperfect rooms, where the upper tens of hertz range is still damaged by openings and furniture, precise positioning of subwoofers may not be all that necessary. See "Subjective Preference of Modal Control Methods in Listening Rooms", Fazenda et al. The name speaks for itself. DBA (CABS)...
  16. Flaesh

    Double bass array. Low Q subs. [Quasi]plain wave radiation?

    There are 3 or more pages after in similar manner)) I agree. It's funny and unexpected that so far none of the guests said: "there is not enough bass" or something like that. I would like to see a correlation between physics and audible effect :). At one time I believed that a wavelet without...
  17. Flaesh

    Double bass array. Low Q subs. [Quasi]plain wave radiation?

    Good ol' nice sweet pleasant :Ddiscussion about *BA vs multisubs with Nils and Earl I have not experimented with sub's configurations in the current room, only DBA; in the previous room 14'W*16'L*10H...
  18. Flaesh

    Spirits, what you drinking...

    Old pic I can recommend Handsa 63º as "vodka" the manufacturer's website looks very optimistic :p
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