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  1. Duke

    Bruce Edgar, Rest in Peace

    Dr. Bruce Edgar passed away earlier this week. His contributions to audio include many excellent low-coloration horn designs based on the Tractrix curve, and a boundless, joyous, contagious enthusiasm. By profession he literally was a rocket scientist. Here is an interview conducted by Dave...
  2. Duke

    Looking for insights into Magico's amazing off-axis measurements

    The off-axis response of early generation Magico speakers was nothing special. Here are Stereophile's normalized horizontal off-axis curves for the Magico V3, and the radiation pattern mis-match between the 6" midwoofer and 1" tweeter in the crossover region is pretty obvious. We see the...
  3. Duke

    Speaker/room psychoacoustics demo at 2017 RMAF

    My little company, AudioKinesis, has been invited to participate in an "Innovations" room at RMAF 2017. The four Innovations rooms will all be on the Second Floor of the Tower, and the room I will be sharing with James Romeyn is Room 2014. The mandate for these Innovations rooms is, be...
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