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  1. SKBubba

    Streamer MQA

    They've been saying that going on two years now. Doesn't appear to be happening.
  2. SKBubba

    High Bitrate FLAC - Can YOU even hear the difference?

    Fascinating. Someone should alert Meridian.
  3. SKBubba

    High Bitrate FLAC - Can YOU even hear the difference?

    What playback software and settings?
  4. SKBubba

    Streaming Service Summary

    I have tried them all. Settled on roon+qobuz for a while. Ditching both and going with Spotify for now. Half the cost, extensive catalog, nice app that works the same at home or on the go, connect feature works great with phone/tablet as remote for desktop app or AVR (except no volume...
  5. SKBubba

    Newbie looking for advise

    What are you looking to improve?
  6. SKBubba

    Spotify to launch 'Hi-Fi' CD Quality Tier.

    I think Tidal puts a little smiley eq on their streams. No proof, just observation.
  7. SKBubba

    Spotify to launch 'Hi-Fi' CD Quality Tier.

    I think they have given up on it and hope people will forget they ever said it. Hope I'm wrong.
  8. SKBubba

    Why are coaxials so rare?

    Because we have Big Ass Horn speakers.
  9. SKBubba

    women and Floyd

    I don't like Pink Floyd. My wife is ambivalent.
  10. SKBubba

    Musical Fidelity MX-DAC Review (Balanced DAC)

    The Musical Fidelity DAC doesn't appear to have a blue MQA light. For $999 you should at least get a blue MQA light.
  11. SKBubba

    They say speaker cables do not matter ..

    Speaker cables most definitely matter. Without one, no sound comes out of the speaker.
  12. SKBubba

    Ok, what about top three female rock vocalists?

    Bonnie Raitt should be in there somewhere.
  13. SKBubba

    What is / are your most memorable camera(s)?

    Nikon D70, my first DSLR. The move away from film was liberating.
  14. SKBubba

    Tablet recommendation

    Hardly anybody makes a good 8" tablet any more. There's the Amazon HD8 but it is walled garden junk. (But at least it's cheap.) Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 8.7" may be a contender. It's their lower spec budget tablet but probably fine for what you want. Not sure how you can charge it while using USB...
  15. SKBubba

    Qobuz lowers price

    If I was an Apple user I would have probably switched by now, too.
  16. SKBubba

    Qobuz lowers price

    I stopped using roon+qobuz for a month and used only spotify. The purpose of the experiment was to see if it would work for me and save me $15/mo. if/when they ever launch hi fi (which at this point doen't seem forthcoming). I'm back on roon+qobuz. Spotify connect is a great feature. Their...
  17. SKBubba

    Qobuz lowers price

    Qobuz has lowered US price to $12.99/mo. or $129.99/yr. ($10.83/mo.). Similar reduction for Sublime, $179.99/yr ($15/mo.). Saw somewhere they also announced...
  18. SKBubba

    Mytek AMP+ Review (Stereo Amplifier)

    Some background on the business partner situation...
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