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  1. Lawyrup843

    MiniDSP DDRC-24 DIRAC umik-1 placement help

    Gentlemen, when running Dirac should my mic be pointed at the speakers or straight up in the air? Also should I be using the 90deg calibration file? Currently I point my mic towards the speakers for all positions and I am using the 90deg cal file. It sounds great after running Dirac but got to...
  2. Lawyrup843

    Does Schitt Freya+ need (Loki) EQ?

    Ordered Freya and got to thinking about the EQ aspect of it. I have a subwoofer with EQ on it but not sure if it will be necessary to run it with a Loki EQ or something similar. Also the downside of using the Loki is I wouldn’t be able to use balanced connects from my DAC to the freya. I don’t...
  3. Lawyrup843

    Last $600 in your checking account which speaker do you get?

    Just the facts… 14X15 room high vaulted ceiling stereo setup with subwoofer and hopefully a buckeye amp soon listen to every genre of music except baby shark Now I want speakers and just figured this was the place to get some feedback. I have 3 choices but cannot listen unless I order them...
  4. Lawyrup843

    Anyone with home theater bypass experience (Parasound)??

    I’ll try to keep it short n sweet. I have a Denon 4700h Avr and would like to upgrade my stereo listening. My surround setup is perfect for now but I am thinking I might get a better experience With music listening (2 channel) by implementing a different pre-amp. So I’ve been researching...
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