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  1. Ajax

    Topping DX3 Pro+ Review (DAC & Headphone Amp)

    Thanks for another thorough review @amirm. Now that improvements in Topping & SMSL products make no real audible difference it would be great to see an increase in their features and usability. IMO the inclusion of a streamer within a DAC like this one would be very welcome, as I would have...
  2. Ajax

    SMSL SU-8s Review (Balanced Stereo DAC)

    Thanks for the review Amir. Now that they have answered the call for inexpensive high performance DACs it's time for SMSL & Topping to turn their attention to producing complementary streamers and power amplifiers
  3. Ajax

    Topping E50 Review (Balanced DAC)

    Hi John, Thank you for your great line of products. I own the D50s DAC. With regard to what you have planned would they include a streamer? There are a surprisingly few cost effective Streamers on the market and with nearly all my listening now via Tidal & Spotify a stand alone bit perfect...
  4. Ajax

    Puritan Audio PSM156 Review (AC Filter)

    Thanks for another insightful review into another nonsense product. I bought a Furman 6 outlet power conditioner on sale 3 years ago and for lots of reasons (renovations etc) never opened the box. I can now sell it and get some better speakers that will actually make a difference to my...
  5. Ajax

    AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt Review (Portable Headphone Adapter)

    I would refer you to an excellent review of the SMSL IDEA USB DAC by Archimago back in 2017. The IDEA sold for US$86 on Amazon, however, there are now later models. I have one and also an Audioquest Red Dragonfly. I...
  6. Ajax

    Focal Solo6 Be Review (Studio Monitor)

    That is ridiculously cheap when you consider that amplification is included. Even the most humble hypex N-core D class amps will set you back $US700. Just add a Tidal account, a Raspberry PI and one of the more recent Topping DACs and you will get unlimited music and excellent sound for under...
  7. Ajax

    Adam T5V Review (Studio Monitor)

    I noticed your speakers are sitting directly on the table. I found a marked improvement by placing them on wedge shaped foam pads. This gave two advantages - isolation of the table from vibration while pointing the tweeter directly at your ears. You can find them on line for about US$30 desktop...
  8. Ajax

    Adam T5V Review (Studio Monitor)

    According to Amir's review the T5V are only down -3db at 60Hz. In his subjective listening he reported they played very loud with plenty of distortion free base. Adam claim they go as low 45Hz. Using my A7s as desktop speakers I never felt the need for a sub. Obviously they have a 7" woofer vs...
  9. Ajax

    Adam T5V Review (Studio Monitor)

    I've had a pair of Adam A7 for over 10 years (which I love) and interested in your thoughts on sound quality of the T5V.
  10. Ajax

    Adam T5V Review (Studio Monitor)

    I have had a pair of Adam A7 active speakers as desk top speakers for nearly 10 years. My son is an accomplished musician and now uses them as monitors for his home studio. They have not missed a beat in all that time - so reliability is obviously excellent. I have not heard the Adam T5V...
  11. Ajax

    Sennheiser HD600 Review (Headphone)

    Hi Amir, I have a pair of HD650, which I purchased about 10 years ago. I assume there have been upgrades since then? Please thank your son for his work - nothing better than sharing something together with your boy.
  12. Ajax

    AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt Review (Portable Headphone Adapter)

    Thanks Amir, Your review confirms / supports those by @mansr (referred to above) and Archimago. I own the red dragonfly and admit to enjoying its sound and convenience, however, the SMSL dongle that I also...
  13. Ajax

    Understanding Audio Frequency Response & Psychoacoustics (Video)

    Hey Amir, I've been buying & enjoying good quality HiFi equipment for 40 years, and my friends and family see me as a guru. However, my knowledge base has been greatly increased thanks to your videos explaining the intricacies and reasons behind your measurements. Keep up the good work, your...
  14. Ajax

    Wharfedale Diamond 220 Budget Speaker Review

    Hi Cyber, I have a pair of Diamond 220s hooked up to a Marantz PM 5005 Integrated Amp. It is a budget amp and only puts out 40W into 8 ohms but drives them without issue. I supplement the bottom end by connecting the Diamonds via a 12" Velodyne subwoofer, which has a 80hz cut off so that...
  15. Ajax

    Understanding FFT in Audio Measurements

    Hey Amir, After many years purchasing HiFi equipment my belief, based on my own experiences and participating in audio forums, is that the biggest impairment to our hobby is bias. It comes in many forms and causes otherwise reasonable people to behave irrationally. People who are now labelled...
  16. Ajax

    Understanding FFT in Audio Measurements

    Hi Amir, Any information that you can provide that educates consumers in how to make better choices is welcome. I would therefore encourage you to provide a video analysis of each of your graphs and put them all together in a "technical" folder for easy access. Knowledge and transparency is...
  17. Ajax

    KRK ROKIT 5 Gen 4 Review (Studio Monitor)

    My first "computer" based system was a Benchmark Media HDR DAC1 feeding a pair of Adam A7 Active speakers in my home office. Wonderful sound in a very simple and small footprint. With incredibly cheap and good sounding budget speaker packages such as this KRK ROKIT 5 and the Adam TV5 I...
  18. Ajax

    What is a decibel? A Video Tutorial

    Hey Amir, This type of "instruction" video, and your recent ones that dealt with unnecessary products, such as expensive cables, decrapifiers etc, is exactly what our hobby needs. There are many that argue"what's the problem", people should be allowed to spend their money as they wish, no...
  19. Ajax

    Topping D30Pro Review (Balanced DAC)

    Hi Amir, thanks for the review. You really do provide an excellent service to the audiophile/music lovers community. Have you received a price guide yet from Topping? I can't see it updated in your review and I really don't want to search 13 pages of comments.
  20. Ajax

    Yamaha HS7 Review (studio monitor)

    For anyone searching for a good quality "budget" studio monitor check out Amir's review from last month of the Adam T5V, which sells for US$400 a pair vs US$640 a pair for the HS7. Amir reported...
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