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    Apple AirPods Max Review (Noise Cancelling Headphone)

    Can’t design them to be too good, else people won’t buy future models being released
  2. WHO23

    Need help from hifi anonymous to not buy Focal Aria 948

    I here too think that you should use the money on a subwoofer or an AVR with Dirac. 926 already goes down to 45Hz so you can already crossover at 60Hz without being able to localize the subwoofer. The 948 is 1dB more sensitive and has 1.4x more power handling, but that's only around 20% louder...
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    Syng Cell Alpha - 7.1 sound with three speakers ?

    Great! Now Joe has to review the other UFO speaker for comparison purposes
  4. WHO23

    Syng Cell Alpha - 7.1 sound with three speakers ?

    Can't wait to see some measurements @joentell
  5. WHO23

    Thiel Out of “Funding”

    Found a rant by Louis Rossman on Thiel Audio:
  6. WHO23

    Looks like Drop might be 'dropping' a HD800

    The bass is better and cleaner but in my opinion it still requires EQ. What happened to the 1kHz-4kHz region and particularly the 9.5kHz dip? According to Rtings, 5.9kHz-6kHz boost and 9.5kHz-10kHz dip are required to mimic speakers at a 30 degree angle. Seems like the Drop offer doesn't...
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Pre-Order on the Drop + Sennheiser HD 8XX is up. It's currently priced at $1100 and you get $200 in Drop credits which you can use to purchase other things. They only start shipping in November and do not ship to all countries at the moment. Also does not come with the balanced cable which is...
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    Sennheiser HD650 Review (Headphone)

    Hi Amir, I'm loving the graph analysis here. I extensively EQ all the headphones that I use and this graph is very useful to me. Please keep doing this graph for every headphone review. Since I'm used to a constant frequency response and change headphones daily, a headphone with high THD/bad...
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Hey stren, here are the measurements & EQ for the Focal Elegia. These are done by oratory1990 Elegia.pdf?dl=0
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    Monoprice Liquid Platinum Headphone Amp Review

    I happened to spot a 36V LPS designed for the Liquid Platinum on eBay: <> I did some more browsing and apparently they also have an Aliexpress store selling the same...
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    Passive Balanced Monitor/Amp controller/preamp

    These are the sellers that have it on Aliexpress. The first link allows you to choose 220V/110V. The second one is 230V by default and requires you to put a note if you need 110V...
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    Passive Balanced Monitor/Amp controller/preamp

    I found another gem! This one has a remote control Edit: I just purchased one :D
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    Passive Balanced Monitor/Amp controller/preamp

    I too would also recommend the Yisheng Relay Attenuator. Do note it does need a power supply to have sound playing and also to switch the volume. The seller I ordered from is different from Martin though <> If...
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    Measurements for electrostatic headphone amps? (or energizers)

    Hi guys! I just found an old Japanese site with measurements for electrostatic headphone amplifiers <> (The dB figures are from eyeballing the graphs on the site. For the frequency roll off I counted the pixels) (Edit: Changed DNR to A-Weighted)
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    Elac BS U5 Slim 3-way Coaxial Speaker Review

    Early this year I did a shootout featuring ELAC UB5, KEF Q150, Focal Aria 906, and Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2EX <Results in the quote above> Although we felt that the UB5 was the least analytical of the bunch, we felt the sound was very agreeable and enjoyed music out of it. However out of the...
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    SOLD: Devialet 200 (CONUS & Canada)

    This is probably the unit that Amir tested :confused:
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    SONCOZ SGD1 Audio DAC Review

    Ah yes it's the black version I ordered back in December from Aliexpress. It has the new WIMA caps (see my post on pg 21) so there should be no ESS hump. Good eye there on spotting it! Was waiting for someone to comment haha. I bought two pairs of BOSC Amps and the one pictured was the second...
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