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    All Things Must Pass - Including the recording Industry

    I just purchased the 50th anniversary edition, of George Harrison's All Things Must Pass. It is unlistenable. I do make copies of my CD's so I can stream them. This is Track1, CD1: It sounded like my amp was being overdriven; even at low volumes. Track 2 is worse but subjectively it did...
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    Amp for Stax SR-5

    Can anybody recommend an amp capable of putting out 30Vrms max into 20Ω? I have an old pair of Stax SR-5 with the SRD-7SB/MK2 adapter. Surprisingly they still work. The figures of 30Vrms max into 20Ω are a guess. I have not been able to find the nominal load impedance of the SRD7. In...
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