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  1. GeorgeWalk

    Asimov Foundation

    Agreed. I find that I am less than eager to watch it right away on Fridays. I think I am 2 or 3 episode behind. I think it is on my priority list somewhere after "The Real Housewives of Peoria" and "Chernobyl Got Talent"
  2. GeorgeWalk

    FX Audio DAC-SQ3 Review

    My Pi powers a Topping D10s. I am not sure what the current draw of these devices is, but the D10s works without any other power source.
  3. GeorgeWalk

    Best way to clean earwax?

    Thanks for not posting a photo, I almost puked just reading this.
  4. GeorgeWalk

    apparently we and certain audiophile reviewers (NRD) are listening to completely different things when we review DACs

    I find his elocution stilted and pretentious. Also, his voice has no presence and his sound stage minimal and distracting.
  5. GeorgeWalk

    Asimov Foundation

    I disagree. I think Jared Harris is perfect as Harry Seldon. Jared was fantastic as the nuclear scientist in "Chernobyl". He will make a great Hari Seldon.
  6. GeorgeWalk

    This guy sure loves Audio Note!

    OMG. I just skipped through that. He is just displaying a marketing sheet and reading from it. His monotone voice is boring. He has no depth or sound-stage. And the sibilance is completely lacking.
  7. GeorgeWalk

    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    I burn in power cables. Once the power cable on my LG OLED TV was burned, the colors were more vivid, revealing and lifelike. I can actually eat the food displayed on the TV!. (Don't ask me about the toilet paper commercials.)
  8. GeorgeWalk

    Parasound 200 Pre Review (DAC, Preamp, Phono)

    I have this preamp. I wished it had reviewed better, but c'est la vie. I use it for my office sound system, so I am not listening to it too critically.
  9. GeorgeWalk

    TV Series Suggestion Please

    Ted Lasso The Expanse
  10. GeorgeWalk

    test thread

    Damn! I forgot to study. :(
  11. GeorgeWalk


    I currently have what I consider my "end game" systems. I have no plans or desires to buy more equipment. I like reading the reviews and seeing the discussions of various pieces of equipment. I think the only way I would buy any more gear is if there is some new feature or set of features that...
  12. GeorgeWalk

    What are we listening to right now..

    I have the same setup.
  13. GeorgeWalk

    SMSL DA9 - Wait and see, or solid buy?

    Well, I will differ with you on your opinion of Apos. I have bought a lot of products from them: Topping A90 & D90, Topping A50s & D50s, Topping D10s, Topping NSX4. Every time they were great to deal with very responsive. They have a very good price match that is easy to get online. When I...
  14. GeorgeWalk

    Best SciFi movies

    I agree on "The Expanse"; awesome series with great writing and directing. The books are great also. I felt a little depressed when I finished the last book. I knew I would have to wait many months for the next one. Another good scifi series is "For All Mankind" I an not a big fan alternate...
  15. GeorgeWalk

    Topping D10s USB DAC and Bridge Review

    I can't make a video because my camera is the only video device I have. But I just retested it and it works fine. The A1619 device is what I used. I also used a higher power USB power adapter with it -- an iPad adapter. The D10s worked fine as did the other DACs I tried.
  16. GeorgeWalk

    Topping D10s USB DAC and Bridge Review

    You can use the Apple Camera adapter with your iPhone for devices that need more current. You plug the iPhone power supply and D10s into the adapter. It works...
  17. GeorgeWalk

    Why Aren't There Female Audiophiles?

    Maybe women just don't want to get caught up in cable measuring contests?
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