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  1. Dreyfus

    iD4 & iD14 MK II - Audient updated their Audio Interfaces

    Hello everbody, Audient has just release an update to their audio interface lineup: Product Pages: Audient iD4 MK II Audient iD14 MK II I just gathered all the data and compared Gen 1 and 2 side by side: (Note: errors excepted due to updating product pages.) The THD, Noise and especially...
  2. Dreyfus

    Generic Headphone Treble Compensation - How well does it work for you?

    Let's talk about generic EQ curves *derived from professional measurement rigs such as those from Brüel & Kjær, GRAS or Head Acoustics. A) What are your experiences with presets meant to fix (smoothen) the frequency response of headphones? B) Do they work for you in the upper frequencies? C)...
  3. Dreyfus

    SE Out to Balanced In: Hybrid Grounding?

    Hello everyone, is anyone familiar with the "hybrid grounding" method where a disc capacitor is used to filter out RF noise from the common ground path on XLR connections? There is also a suggestion to solder a low resistance (say 100 Ohm) resistor in parallel for enhanced noise reduction...
  4. Dreyfus

    Studio Monitors turning on randomly (moody stand by)

    Hey there, I have some issues with my studio monitors that often turn randomly. Even though there is no signal applied and the speakers are connected balanced to my interface there still appear to be some random, asynchronous voltage peaks which trigger the input stages. The phenomenon occurs...
  5. Dreyfus

    DIY Headphone Measurements - Ear Simulation?

    Hello everyone, I've been planning to build my own dummy head for quite a long time now and am gradually comming closer to actually building the construct. The idea is to build a binaural microphone I can use for over ear headphone measurements (no IEMs) as much as for field recording. The...
  6. Dreyfus

    Upgrading a Babyface Pro? (Headphone Out)

    Hey guys, I'm considering to upgrade the headphone output of my RME Babyface Pro. Due to some of my EQ settings and HRIR convolutions I'm running out of headroom with some phones like the DT 990 (250 Ohm) or HD 700 from time to time. Looking at the Specs of the device, which price range do I...
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