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    Clean and noiseless USB charger 5V/3A

    Hello, I'm looking for a clean and noiseless USB charger 5V / 3A. I've heard that Xiaomi 33W charger is considered to be clean but I haven't found any measurements of it so I'm not able to confirm / deny... I'm not talking about iFi iPower or Allo Nirvana power supplies but typical USB phone...
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    Is LDAC lossy or bit-perfect for 44.1kHz/16bit (Red Book CD) files?

    Hi, In theory, SONY claims that file 44.1kHz/16bit (Red Book CD) sent over Bluetooth with LDAC (*when used speed is 990kbps) should be the same as original file and sending Hi-Res files like 96kHz/24bit is lossy. However: 1/ WAV file 44.1kHz/16bit has bitrate about 1400kbps...
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