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    Hearing test

    Well, I have my hearing test in my hands. I know many of you were waiting on the results and I have them. I used to have awesome hearing about 8 years ago. Well, I now have very good hearing "for my age". FOR MY AGE!!! At 63 that was like a knife being stuck in my gut. What a let down. I may...
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    Desk top recommendations needed

    Hi, after searching the forum I could not find what I'm looking for. I'm needing recommendations for powered speakers that are better in performance than the Kanto TUK but are plug and play like the TUK. From what I read it seems like it is just a quick hookup to the computer and your good to...
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    Bass heavy ear buds

    I'm looking for a good set of ear buds for gaming. Does anyone know of any fairly decent earbuds that are slightly tilted towards deep bass? Thanks for any recommendations!
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    Questionable Amplifiers

    OK guys. I want to try to narrow down the subject of crappy amps sounding different with different speaker wires and/or interconnects. Can everyone please name the amps that do this? I'd like to see a list of these amps that are out in the market place. I "think" that this may fall in the...
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    Computer Sound System

    Ok, I am counting on you guys (lots of you) to give me some advice on some fantastic awesome sounding midlevel computer sound systems. I have never had speakers and a sub hooked up to a computer before. My current speaker (now broken) is a JBL Flip 5. I would consider it rated as...
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    Back in my day......

    Back in my day this was the norm. In meetings of public forums, the subjectivists would say they will do xyz and later after the meeting, they usually claimed they didn't say what they said or just ignored the whole topic. All of it during the public meetings was a feeble attempt at face saving...
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    Subjectivists EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Is it just me, or is the number of forum posters taken a fairly hard turn to the subjectivists? Many threads now are inundated with posters posting audio claptrap while making it sound like real audio issues. This includes people responding to Amirs testing. Responding to electrical differences...
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    Ok, I have for a few years now had Shunyata as the "King" of the snake oil sellers. They represent the worst of the worst. They have it all. Marketing material that is pure rubbish and techno nonsense by the bucket full. I always wish someone with deep pockets could sue them out of existence...
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    REW Info

    I need to correspond with someone who is pretty handy with REW. This means how to implement it to a average plain vanilla surround/two channel system. How to get it to work, just the basics and then maybe move on to higher level issues later on. This will be fairly quick and simple at the start...
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    Sending equipment to Amir

    OK, how do I send in a set of headphones to be tested? I would need an address and I guess a way to email Amir to get approval before sending. Anyone have the secret code? I'm new around here......... Thanks for your help!
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