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    HIDIZS S8 USB-C Headphone Adapter Review

    My S8 works perfectly on Windows and Android. I have not upgraded the firmware or installed the driver (it still shows as iAP Interface in W10). I don't want to upgrade and install in case it breaks something. Is there any benefit to installing the driver and upgrading the firmware? Does it...
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    Can a Hidizs S8 / Tempotec Sonata HD Pro drive my HifiMan HE4XX and TinHiFi P1?

    Hi, I'm looking for a budget DAC to drive my: (i) HifiMan HE4XX and (ii) TinHiFi P1 At the moment I'm using: (i) an old HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC UAE23 ES9023 (ii) a budget Lusya Fever SA9023A + ES9018K2M (iii) a Meizu (non-pro) dongle All of these struggle to drive them. I have to increase the...
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