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  1. soundwave76

    SOLD !! - Grace Design m900 DAC + hp amp

    Excellent condition, box etc included, measured really well in ASR test. Price 350€, location Finland. Here are links to the test and a measurement update:
  2. soundwave76

    SOLD !! - Focal Elegia headphones

    One of the best closed headphones imo. Like new, box etc included + additional more flexible cable, location Finland, price 600€.
  3. soundwave76

    SOLD - Sennheiser HD600 (Europe)

    SOLD! - - - For sale a true headphone classic, the Sennheiser HD600. Good condition, no box. HD650 cable included! I bought these used about four years ago and I don't know their exact age. The headphones are located in Helsinki region Finland. I am asking 130€ + shipping costs.
  4. soundwave76

    FS: Sennheiser CH 650 S balanced cable

    Mint condition, designed for HD600 and HD650 headphones. Original box included. Located in Helsinki, Finland. Asking 90€.
  5. soundwave76

    FS: iFi nano iDSD Black Label

    For sale a mint condition DAC+hp amp iFi nano iDSD Black Label. Box, cables, pouch etc all included. Asking 150€. I will sell only within Europe and with a normal IBAN bank transfer payment.
  6. soundwave76

    Could AI improve bad recordings?

    We have seen lately impressive feats what AI (machine learning, neural nets etc) can do to images, from generating so called 'deep fakes' to improving bad quality images. So I was wondering could this be done to bad recordings with for example low dynamic range? Thoughts? Definetly not an easy...
  7. soundwave76

    Name the one best sounding song on your system?

    So what's the one song you think sounds the best in your current system? You don't have to like the song. I guess this is mine - it sounds fantastic AND I really really also like the song :)
  8. soundwave76

    Hardware real-time spectrum analyzers and peak level meters?

    Any tips on cheap desktop (not rack) hardware products, that have real-time spectrum analyzers and/or peak level meters? These could be a cool addition to many systems. I personally miss the spectrum analyzer of the RME ADI-2 Pro I no longer have... :)
  9. soundwave76

    FS: Chord Mojo

    Selling a mint condition Chord Mojo, less than a year old. Box and everything included. Located in Helsinki, Finland. Asking for 320€.
  10. soundwave76

    SOLD - FS: RME ADI-2 Pro Anniversary Edition

    Selling a mint condition rare beauty, the RME ADI-2 Pro Anniversary Edition. Only 500 units manufactured. Asking 1200€, located in Helsinki Finland. Box etc all included. Picture of the beauty from the internet :)
  11. soundwave76

    Best DAC + hp amp with only USB power?

    I am looking to replace my Chord Mojo in my office setup. I don’t like the hassle with the charger in our open space office and my very mobile working style in general. So... what would be a good choice for a small and portable dac+amp with only USB power? I have had the Dragonly Red and didn’t...
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