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    Home cinema RTA measurements with silicon ear

    I do my RTA measurement differently where I can take one measurement without the silicon ear or with that shows more less sensitive frequency range area in-which make some correction with the PEQ. Blue is without the silicon ear and Red is with the silicon ear attached to the Behringer ECM8000.
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    Aura sound ast-2b-4 pro bass shaker

    Bass Shakers the more bass shakers vibrate the more they vibrate the same. It is trail and error setting up a bass shaker and testing with maybe some more placement in slightly different way, against a sofa, couch, chair home theatre seating or Real actual cinema seats, it is trail and error...
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    This motion picture will be shown in the startling new multi-dimensional SENSURROUND!

    I won the poster two weeks ago in a bidding war, very cheap[ £50. I not seen one since days of Sensurround at the local ABC Bournemouth, screen 1, when seeing Earthquake few days later after my Dad, took me, see The Towering Inferno, screen 2 directly below screen 1. During intermission "get...
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    Show your subwoofers "movies" blowing out candles!

    I start with the ultimate best. Would be interesting to know how much air was in the fake speaker in 'back to the future' to lift and throw marty, some 15 feet across the room at what 10 miles per hour whatever without breaking his neck against the bookshelf. JBL 4645 18" with candle few inches...
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    JBL 8330 mkII THX surround

    I may as well use a video. Here testing JBL 8330 mkII bass driver replacement due one was utterly damaged and during testing my cat Magic climbed into the 8330 while I was out the room and only thing got him of the box was rustling cat food packet. The JBL 8330 mkI and mkII maybe best JBL...
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    JBL 8330A THX surround

    I may as well use a video cos then I won't have to type as much.
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    JBL 4312 - hardly ever been used

    I got hassled by the ebay salesman when buying some cheap I mean cheap x3 JBL control SB-1 in good condition and also they offered some other JBL and I had a listen between the 4312 and can't recall the other 3-way JBL was later model but prefered the design of the 4312 and the way the bass...
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    Rare Canon S-35 wide speakers

    May as well do this in video without pictures.
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    Sennheiser HD 599 My test and findings

    Sennheiser HD 599 I had few years and I don't think I will be changing them unless one of my two Cats chewed on the cheap cable thou easy to replace with same cheap cable as cable is phone plug-in. I did this REW frequency test 2019 with a simple foam and Behringer ECM8000 placed over the...
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    Testing the vacuum cleaner

    I've not included frequency which is also important maybe tomorrow or next day I will include frequency. SPL dB is 85dB which is calmer than most other vacuum cleaners and I'm sure it can be modified to dampen down some of the frequency SPL dB or simply wear earplugs which are far cheaper. So...
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    Audio Video Confessions

    Bless thee father for I have 4k sinned. bruce willis hairy chest shows more 4k hairy pixels it makes me so randy for I have 4k sinned.
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    May I press you to a cucumber sandwich

    I tried it on my cats Bear and Magic didn't seem to mind the cucumber.
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    Do cats like Oled?

    My cats seem to lay up against the Oled is it for warmth is it goes they can hear ultra high frequency from it? Or do they happen to like the picture quality? As it does look remarkably good.
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    What does your cats eat?

    Magic, as had over 40 pizzas.
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    MIT music interface technologies (Snake Oil)?

    This has to be the biggest load of Snake Oil I have seen. Prices are absurd. :eek:o_O:facepalm::mad: The video being mit is shocking 240p The Snake Oil BS piles up so high I need wings to fly above it. monster...
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    THX cinema with pro cinema audio gear

    My THX home cinema inspired by the Empire Leicester Square. Always wanted THX pro cinema which is different ballgame to home consumer THX. Always wanted a Dolby Stereo CP200 which is regarded as the best cinema processor made even still to this day found only in Selected Theaters. Always...
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    Dolby Atmos and the hidden channels?

    For my THX cinema I have used cheap, yes cheap and these were cheap as fish and chips three matching Dolby EX Surround SA10 decoders. Actually it's a Dolby Stereo CP45 that was made in the mid 1990's and all Dolby labs did with some "no thanks to me" with a phone call to Dolby labs, New York...
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    JBL 2380A JBL 2445 HF horn for five screen matrix

    It may all seem easy to replace a diaphragm for a compression driver/HF horn. The ones I use JBL 2445 are in fine working condition dated for 1989. Aligning the diaphragm to the phase-plug is a tricky tedious task that can take maybe minutes to few hours of test checks. The screws that hold the...
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