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  1. Another Bob

    I`m lost. Totally awfull measurements in my room. Need advice.

    You're showing a really expanded vertical scale in that first picture, so things are going to look worse than what you see in typical speaker reviews - and in-room measurements will always look worse than anechoic (or gated or Klippel) measurements in any case. A 12 dB room mode is not too...
  2. Another Bob

    Do high-efficiency speakers really have better 'dynamics'?

    Subjectively, that has been my experience. Many reviewers have noted this - J. Gordon Holt used to refer to the "jump factor" of horn speakers, for example. However, I have never seen a measurement which confirms it, or at least, not to the degree that I would expect. Erin's Audio Corner does...
  3. Another Bob

    Blues Essentials?

    "Turtle Blues" off the Cheap Thrills album by Big Brother and the Holding Company (Janis Joplin).
  4. Another Bob

    Listening at Night vs. Day

    This is something that is very difficult to prove/disprove because you can't do blind A/B testing of day vs. night listening. The evidence (see Amir's recent reviews) indicates, however, that the quality of the electrical feed does not matter in most cases - i.e. with typical modern components...
  5. Another Bob


    Minidsp SHD. $850 plus shipping. I am the original owner. Purchased Nov. 2019. Mint condition, from a smoke-free, pet-free home. Dirac license is fully transferable. Comes with power cord and remote as shown. Also included (but not shown in the photos) are a USB cable and WiFi dongle...
  6. Another Bob

    PSA: Audacity

    A slightly different perspective, from a source I find to be generally fair and reliable:
  7. Another Bob

    Introducing Hang Loose Convolver from Accurate Sound

    Hi Mitch. You’ve been teasing us with this for quite a while. Any target date? I’ve been delaying my purchase of Audiolense until it comes out. (And your convolver looks like a very interesting product, BTW.)
  8. Another Bob

    Should I be here, I don't think I'm an audiophile

    AFAIK, an audiophile is just someone who is interested in the science/technology/art/process of sound reproduction. You can be an audiophile without owning a single piece of equipment, although that is certainly not the norm.
  9. Another Bob

    Integrating subs with Minidsp SHD, should you block main speaker ports?

    First, and most importantly, use REW to make your decisions. Proper sub integration without it is strictly hit-or-miss. Experiment with several configurations, and don't cling too tightly to rules of thumb. If your chosen crossover frequency is close (less than an octave) to the cutoff...
  10. Another Bob

    Testing bass transmission

    Lots of good recommendations in this thread:
  11. Another Bob

    MiniDSD SHD

    You could use the four outputs of the SHD as two full-range stereo pairs, and you could manually apply PEQ to each channel separately, but the Dirac correction is actually applied based on the two inputs. So in your use case, Dirac would only be useful if you had two sets of identical speakers...
  12. Another Bob

    How to fight room modes with 2 subs?

    Congrats on the SHD. It will indeed provide you with tons of flexibility to help with this challenge. If you put the crossover much above 80Hz you will be able to localize the sounds as coming from the subs. Not a problem if the subs are going to be right next to your main speakers, but that...
  13. Another Bob

    Dirac Live Bass Management?

    While participating in "many forums" is nice, I don't consider it an effective customer support strategy. Besides, Flak hasn't posted to this thread since September, despite several queries directed specifically to him. Why is there no official, centralized Dirac user forum? Why aren't they...
  14. Another Bob

    Minidsp SHD Review Updated (DSP, DAC & Streamer)

    What RME product would you consider comparable? I'm not familiar with their entire line so maybe I'm missing one, but the ADI-2 FS probably seems closest. However, the RME only has two output channels whereas the SHD has four, which is huge if you want to control subs. All four outputs are...
  15. Another Bob

    Amplifier Wattage With/Without Subwoofer

    To jump right to the bottom line, yes, your combination of equipment is "safe". In a more general sense, except in rare circumstances (that I don't think apply here) you will hear significant distortion before equipment damage from excessive volume occurs. You don't really need to be concerned...
  16. Another Bob

    Amplifier Wattage With/Without Subwoofer

    You should check out this thread:
  17. Another Bob

    The difference between good and great - fourth paragraph. Not the best example of what I was talking about, but the best I could find with a quick search.
  18. Another Bob

    The difference between good and great

    When I was a salesperson in a stereo store many years ago, I became convinced that for every reasonably good speaker, there exists at least one recording which made that speaker sound amazing. But of course there are relatively few speakers that sound really good across a large number of...
  19. Another Bob

    VU Meters: Let's See 'Em!!

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
  20. Another Bob

    Revel F328Be Speaker Review
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