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    Trust your ears - Audioquest Dragonfly cobalt

    I might get ban for being a cultist. t
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    Chasing SINAD: 33 ohm at 5mW

    This morning I'm thinking, let's say I need a good amp that can produce good results at a low power of 5mW; with my low impedance ear phone. So I dig thru the reviews and come out with this table: Interestingly, the Schiit Heresy and EL AMP II perform quite well in the low impedance HP. Let...
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    How to do Audio Precision sweep THD+N vs Power?

    As title above, how to do it using AP2722? Been doing THD+N & Power vs Amplitude, very hard to read. Attach an example of headphone amp with 2068 and 4556 op amps.
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