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  1. Jbrunwa

    RFI of a radio amateur on a Naim Uniti 2 amplifier

    Wondering how the testing went and if the problem was solved?
  2. Jbrunwa

    Measuring your own electronics

    Ok, I have basic analog electronics theory having been a ham radio operator some years ago, some experience with Room EQ Wizard measuring speakers, a Fluke multimeter, and a Focusrite Scarlett interface. Can someone point me to any tutorials on measuring preamps and AVRs, or is it as simple as...
  3. Jbrunwa

    Product reliability and support surveys

    I wish there was a way to collect quantifiable data on product stability and reliability on ASR in addition to audio performance measurements. Wondering if it would be possible to have a tabulated product survey where members could somehow enter how long they owed a product, whether their gear...
  4. Jbrunwa

    Emotiva XMC-2 Review (AV Processor)

    Well, Emotiva advertises bit-perfect video switches, leaving one to wonder if the Denon is bit-imperfect. ;)
  5. Jbrunwa

    Emotiva XMC-2 Review (AV Processor)

    I think I proved earlier in the thread that it varies based on source and sink, it is way longer than competition.
  6. Jbrunwa

    AVSForum is Talking ASR Smack!

    Well if so he deserves it. If the review index counts are up to date he’s closing in on 1,000 official ASR reviews
  7. Jbrunwa

    AVSForum is Talking ASR Smack!

    IMHO it’s bad form for a site admin
  8. Jbrunwa

    ASR Review & Measurement Dashboards 2.0

    If the numbers in the review indexes are correct, Amir has conducted nearly 1,000 reviews! 772 electronics 166 speakers 057 headphones ———————— 995 total reviews
  9. Jbrunwa

    Emotiva XMC-2 Review (AV Processor)

    No problem. I did a direct comparison with my Denon and I can confirm the XMC-2 switching time is way longer. I can see how this would be frustrating for many users.
  10. Jbrunwa

    Emotiva XMC-2 Review (AV Processor)

    Just to compare, I checked my Denon AVR-X3700H with the same sources. I agree that most do not switch sources over and over, however switching time contributes to the overall user experience. I also agree that stability is more important. I hold out hope for fixes. Denon AVR-X3700H input...
  11. Jbrunwa

    Emotiva XMC-2 Review (AV Processor)

    It would be interesting to see your video. I posted our XMC-2 switching inputs in this thread. The longest wait does seem to be what you are seeing (about 13-14 seconds total) to switch to our blu-ray player, but some (e.g. cable TV) switch really fast. If I understand what is happening, our...
  12. Jbrunwa

    Emotiva XMC-2 Review (AV Processor)

    I am guessing that is the Q90t TV negotiating with the source. My understanding is that the AVR just passes through the video signal between the input and output channels. Is this true, would it be fair to not count that in the XMC-2 switching time? If so, the XMC-2 switching time is 4-5...
  13. Jbrunwa

    Emotiva XMC-2 Review (AV Processor)

    Mine is somewhere between the two of yours. Here is my XMC-2 switching between Xfinity X1, ATV4K gen 2, Panasonic UB-820 Blu-ray, Roku Ultra with Samsung Q90T display output. CEC is disabled everywhere that it can be disabled. You can see when I press the input button as the XMC-2 immediately...
  14. Jbrunwa

    Emotiva XMC-2 Review (AV Processor)

    I like how they relabeled “limiter” to “headroom management”. Makes it sound like they are adding something instead of subtracting.
  15. Jbrunwa

    Transformer of the amplifier hums with TV on

    Try to plug the tv into an electrical outlet that is on a separate circuit breaker from the rest of the components and listen if the hum stops.
  16. Jbrunwa

    What's the best mic/sofa positioning to EQ with?

    I throw a soft blanket over the sofa before measuring and follow the advice at this AVSForum thread. IMO it’s worthwhile to study the whole guide
  17. Jbrunwa

    Denon AVR-A110

    I am sure that the A110 is a great AVR. I own a Denon AVR-X3700H and an Emotiva XMC-2 (which the manufacturer has shown to be identical in sound quality to the RMC-1) and when similarly configured my Denon and Emotiva sound the same, and by that to my ears I mean they are transparent (other than...
  18. Jbrunwa

    Dolby height speakers for room with high ceiling

    I suspect you are correct about the difference in tonality. I also decided to buy cheaper height speakers. I don’t know how “scientific” this is, but I tried SVS Prime Satellite and Polk Signature S15 speakers before settling on the JBL, testing by playing pink noise through the level setting...
  19. Jbrunwa

    Which speakers are the Classical Music Pros using?

    This thread got me interested to watch “The Highest Level - Documentary on the Recording & Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 3” with Lang Lang, Simon Rattle and Christoph Franke as I am always impressed with the sound of the Berlin Philharmonic Digital Orchestra. The mixing studio is shown, it looks...
  20. Jbrunwa

    Buckeye Amps: New US based Hypex multichannel amplifier builder, line-up announcement!

    Emotiva tech support got back to me. The max load for the 4 triggers is 80 mA each, so no trouble driving the Buckeye triggers and more.
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