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  1. Thomas_A

    Quality of HDMI cables has decreased over time?

    Don't know if this has been discussed before, but anyway, FYI. "The study investigated characteristic EMC parameters of ready-made connecting devices (RMCD) of the types Coaxial and HDMI with regards to EMC quality of the products. It was shown, that only 10-11% of all assessed RMCD (both...
  2. Thomas_A

    "Statistics of natural reverberation enable perceptual separation of sound and space"

    I just read this one - and according to the results we decode sound and space as long as the reverberation is natural for the specific environment. Adding synthetic reverberation not consistent with those natural ones were detected as "synthetic". Any...
  3. Thomas_A

    Headphone response for hearing tests?

    Perhaps this has been in other threads, but unable to find it. I understand that a headphone must be very accurate to evaluate hearing. Should there be a special curve for headphones when testing for hearing/audiograms?
  4. Thomas_A

    Methods for measuring position of phantom sound sources?

    In another forum there is a discussion whether and how stereo systems differ in terms of how phantom images are localised when you move seating position in relation to speakers. In some systems the image (e.g. center dialogue) tilts to the nearest speaker when moving towards that, in other...
  5. Thomas_A

    A few measurements of the Marantz NR1710 slim line AV amp

    I just made some simple measurements via pre out of my slim line Marantz NR1710. Not having much advanced equipment but my 18 year old M-Audio Transit DAC and ADC was used to test it in various ways. It only supports 44,1/16 bit when used both ways. Basically it confirms Amirs data that the...
  6. Thomas_A

    Speaker position simulator?

    As there is so many speaker measurements results presented here, is there a simulator using the data for different speaker placement and room size? Could be useful. I was not thinking of REW but something doing this directly from the data.
  7. Thomas_A

    The IKEA Eneby 12 inch measurements

    While I hooked up my measurement equipment I also made a short measurement of my $89 IKEA Eneby bluetooth speaker. Measurement distance around 1.4 meter using one of my Line Audio OM1 microphones. First one out is a 1/6 octave smoothed one with distortion measurement. The seem to stretch down to...
  8. Thomas_A

    Stereo vs mono - what is the ideal frequency response?

    I am making an separate thread regarding the dilemma of stereo reproduction and the current research saying that a speaker should ideally show a flat response. I don't know if this has been discussed in length before, although the issue has been touched upon in several threads. According to the...
  9. Thomas_A

    New DIY speakers finished

    I like DIY and made my monitor speakers a long time ago based on a design from a magazine (also sold commercially which I bought 20 years ago) but with different drivers and another filter. Been using the accompanying "subs/stands" a long time but now finished my new subs/stands with better...
  10. Thomas_A

    Apple AirPods pro for recording using it's built in microphones?

    Anyone knows if the Apple AirPods (pro) can be used to record the sound from the loudspeakers in the room? Not exactly a "dummy head" solution and I don't know the quality of the microphones either. But it could be interesting to test.
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