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  1. ayane

    That one mental health thread

    Heya. It's been a long 13 months of lockdown, but the vaccinations are the light at the end of the tunnel, which is near. Honestly, this past year has taken its toll on my mental health, as it has for many, and this hobby is one of the few things that has kept me optimistic for the future. How...
  2. ayane

    Any motorcyclists on this forum?

    Just curious. I don't believe I've ever run into motorcycle fanatics on audio forums, haha! Personally, I am a huge fan of motorcycles, especially the Electric variety. I haven't ever owned one, but I have ridden a 2013 Honda CBR500R a little bit a couple of years ago and I'm in the process of...
  3. ayane

    Practical example of intersample peak greater than +6 dBFS

    I've mentioned it before here on this forum, but it's entirely possible to have music that has intersample peaks beyond +6 dBFS, or one whole bit. It was mentioned again later on this thread by @LTig. Here is a 30-second excerpt of "Get Away" from the Electronic Soundtrack album Code Lyoko by...
  4. ayane

    Any women on this forum?

    Just curious. A lot of these engineering-oriented spaces tend to be more popular among men.
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