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    WTB: Hypex NC400 Amp

    Hey all, I'm looking for a stereo NC400 amp. Please shoot me a note if you have one you're looking to sell! Thanks, Jim
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    JBL HDI-1600 vs 708i?

    Hey guys, is the 708i worth the price differential? -Jim
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    FS: Motu M4

    Hey All Selling my Motu M4. Pretty sure its the one with the new PCB as the firmware is 2.x. It looks like new and includes everything as new. Screen protector is still on. Looking for $220 shipped in the U.S. -Jim
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    FS: MiniDSP SHD with Microphone

    Hey all, selling my MiniDSP SHD with MiniDSP measurement microphone. Unit works perfectly and looks beautiful. Looking for $950 and we split shipping to the lower 48. Thanks, Jim
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    WTB: Gustard X16

    Looking for one of these DACs. Shoot me a note if you’re looking to sell! thanks, Jim
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    WTB: Pair of JBL 708i speakers

    Hey all, look for a pair of JBL 708i's. If you have a pair you're considering parting with, please shoot me a note. Thanks!! Jim
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    WTB: MiniDSP SHD

    Hey guys, looking to buy one of these with or without the measurement mic. Shoot me a note if you're looking to sell! Thanks Jim
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    FS: Topping NX4

    Hey guys, this is one of the best measuring portable DACs / amps around. Retail on Amazon is $159.99. I'm looking for $135 shipped. Includes box / accessories. -Jim
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    WTB: Sabaj DA3

    If you have a Sabaj DA3 that you are looking to sell, please shoot me a note! Thanks Jim
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